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  1. Best dyes SUMMONER

    I use 3x5 STR on my wynn, INT will increase your marks strength, but this will not make a significant difference in pve. This is a broken class and I'm afraid you need STR.
  2. Wynn lack of damage?

    yeah, better reroll if you have not invested in it too much
  3. enhanced exalted weapon

    My guess is that they may assume you will have only free exalted/paulina gear on your character while the person with a +8 weapon will most likely also have other non-free stuff like boss jewels, abundance talisman, better dyes and such. It's not only weapon that counts.
  4. Hi, have you managed to look into this? It's been literally years and there's been no response.
  5. I've noticed a huge difference at Blazing Swamp for my feoh, I usually kill without shots, because I'm cheap ;p and mobs were dying in 4-6 hits before the update. Now the feoh gained one level more but it needs around 15 hits to kill a mob lol and mind you, it's a dualclass that I am leveling, so I have dualclass skills. I don't even want to think how it looks for new characters, though they at least get free shots

    I don't get why everyone focuses on XP so much. For most people here it is not worth to lvlup fast, because if they hit 105 in a week, they have no gear and no knowledge of the game to be able to at least try and get some adena to upgrade gear. With those bonus settings you would not even have had enough time to finish exalted questine, so you're 105 and in paulinas... good luck to you On the other hand, people who already have gear will most likely be able to afford xp boosts, so I do not see any problem.

    Those bonus settings were crazy, now it's more like L2.
  8. Not even that. From what I noticed, when at least one person in the party has no Vitality, no one gets drops/adena. That's probably why at some point the interface started showing you who in your party has Vitality. So, if you have no vitality, no one will invite your healer/iss and even when you have some vitality you will be kicked instantly when your vitality ends. You can only solo with no shots on without using skills that need ores Note: I tested this only in a 3-ppl party, not sure if the same applies to a full 7-ppl party, but I suspect it does.
  9. Are we doing this too?

    I had the same problem after I quit playing L2 but still wanted to post some stuff on forum, so I did a quick google search back then. Turns out if you do not log in to the L2 client for a while your forum account is deactivated (marked inac tive). I launched L2, logged in and the forum account became active again.
  10. General Clan Quest reputation reward

    Also, you get only 1 Vitality Tonic instead of 2.
  11. Mana regen on hunting mobs

    If that's in coal mines then it's because of leechers. Due to this weird bug you can't see people, but you see where progressive heal hits or just watch your xp. If it's 4kkk from one mob and 27k from another then I'm afraid your spot is infected with leechers who outdamage you. I keep having this issue literally everyday, people come around because they see a tank bringing mobs and take my XP to the point where my ISS is out of MP and can't heal (I go with tank, iss and a feoh, all in paulinas so low dps). If I move away, as there are other free spots (I avoid peak hours), they follow. If I ask them to leave me alone, they tell me to quit the game if I don't like it lol. What a lovely community we have!

    i have the same message, usually at peak time - early morning or late at night the launcher works fine. I'm not even gonna try submitting a ticket, support will tell me it's on my end, which is not true.

    This happens to me all the time I get tired of watching the queue (started at 500+ today) so I go do other stuff and when I return I can see a character selection screen with a popup 'your client will be closed' and it only gives 'ok' as an option. And there I go again... joining the queue.
  14. Actually it was 500 when I launched the client, after over an hour i'm at 204
  15. What to do on the Naia server

    Over 500 at the moment... took an hour, but I'm 9th in queue, fingers crossed lol
  16. ISS macro with pet

    So if I assume correctly, your DD is out of your buffing range and you don't want iss to take DDs XP.. it might be easier for you to make a dominator and put it in the same clan as the dd, so you can cast buffs out of party. However, if you want to use a regular ISS you may want to learn rune-stone skills like for example Trio Sonata I'd try with: 1. /target dd 2. /target dd 3. /delay X (X is the number of seconds it takes your ISS to get in DDs range) 4. /useskill Fantasia Harmony 5. /useskill Trio Sonata 6. /useskill Melody1 7. /useskill Melody2 8. /useskill Melody3 9. /useskill Melody4 10. /target <pet> 11. /target <pet> 12. /delay 250
  17. no reward = no motivation People were hunting PKers because red players could drop valuable items. Now, most people don't care. I was strongly against changes introduced to the PK system, but the crying afk farmers had a louder voice. Now they have what they deserve (though I wonder how many of them are still playing).
  18. I want to sell a +12 Bloody (PVE) Amaranthine Retributer - element 300 Holy - SAs: Might (Stage 6, P atk +7%), Death (Stage 6, Crit Dmg +8%), Sigel (Max HP +15%) If you're interested you can contact me on forums through a private message or send me an e-mail in game (character name: Helv). In your message please offer your price. Thank you.
  19. I want to sell a +10 Blessed Eternal Leather set - all parts are +10, blessed and with 120 element - enchant type - formal wear appearance If you're interested you can contact me on forums through a private message or send me an e-mail in game (character name: Helv). In your message please offer your price. Thank you.
  20. New Update Pros vs. Cons

    Overall I hate this update and I agree with all the Cons listed above. The things which I personally find the worst: no quests, no drops and my gear that it took me ages to obtain via in-game means is now close-to-useless. My character was created in 2006, but I'm now lvl 105 and feel like a beginner - with the parties I joined we couldn't even do Baylor. I'm too old to start from a very beginning ;p and with constant changes that throw everything upside down I feel I can no longer keep up. I guess this is my way of saying goodbye One thing I like about the update: it's easier to lvl up a clan now.
  21. Botting?

    While I agree that NC fail miserably in areas that you listed, in this point you're wrong - those skills can be added to a macro. It's been like that for a very long time. Edit: I remember that when I created my Feoh (around 2 years ago), some player kept accusing me of using a bot at Arms of Timnel. He was a bit annoying, was calling me names and threatened he had reported me etc. Now I finally know this must have been because I had snare in my macro
  22. Cursed swords profit or....

    indeed, cursed swords are exceptionally rewarding, according to our beloved community manager conguero this should be reported.
  23. For Victory quest bug

    +1, at least add this to the known issues list....
  24. Can you please remove the limit on the number of items in the inventory that are required to be able to claim rewards, switch class etc????? This is extremely annoying, your event adds soooo many items to the inventory and then it's not possible to claim rewards, switch class etc when need it quick. You even somehow managed to make the Freya's Ice Rose (Event) to take 2 slots in the inventory: 1 from the previous event and the 2nd slot is taken by the item from this event, even thoug they are exactly the same! Oh yeah, in the description of the 1st one it says that it is a dimensional item, but you can't share it via Dimentional Merchant, so not really.... Ugh...
  25. cloak enchant rippoff

    Hi guys, what is a fair price in adena for a +10 and +15 cloak in your opinion? [Naia] I've never been good with the market, but I'd like to setup my next goal.