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  1. its pretty easy, do your job..... do we need to tell you how bad this update is? are you honestly that clueless? or just don't give a bleep about your paying customers? comcast has better customer service than this. i say we flood korean forums, see what happens
  2. Isnt a large population of this server south american? do you have any idea what their conversion rate for ncoin is?
  3. as a game dev with 15+ years experience, any half decent dev can fix this within a day or two. you guys need to play some D&D and maybe remember how gaming works...
  4. after an xp event, and dragon weapon event, the server is set back from where they were before xp event... Fix FoS, Increase xp under 110 Look at your population? remove the lower level useless zones like giants cave with mobs that are viable to farm, and give use useful zones to level. Not give more higher level mobs that only helps less than 100 people. Fix your shop prices, just look at any other official server Maybe give a bleep? Fix melee lag Pay attention to your population, seriously how do you keep dropping content that the bulk of the server ca
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