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  1. Hello adventurers, I would like some help if possible. I didn't play for a long time and I'm a little lost with the market. Prices are pretty high, aren't they? I'm Feoh storm 110, but since I stopped playing a long time ago, I had sold my items. I currently have only r99 + 12 bloody retributer, dye +15 int +15 cha, radiant circlet +3 and jewels lv 4. I would like help to give a significant increase but with a maximum of 150b of expenses initially. What to Buy? artifacts, agathion? thanks and sorry for the english.
  2. I went back to playing during the beginning of the pandemic (nostalgic) I had stopped playing in 2013 ... it was difficult to find yourself in a game where you spend most of your time looking at the screen doing nothing ... only in macro. But always hopeful that by getting strong it would change. well, it's been 6 months, R99 + 10, BLOODY +12, jewls, abundance, dyes ... (invested 150b). I played 4 months without putting in $, but I ended up investing $ 800 in hopes of getting Ev out of lvl 108 ... in short, I think that nostalgic does not go on ... the anger I spend is not worth
  3. it just shows that Wednesday is not going to have the change that everyone wants. Ty dude.
  4. it's been a long time and no clear answer, no interaction with the community ... no GM's in the game, Discord, forum ... idk... complicated.
  5. Last visitedTuesday at 10:38 PM @Hime how have you read the feedback?
  6. Wrong. Read the korea patches. Here they put a little bit different ... Korean have much ppl 113+, and here? Korean have much ppl DW stage 1, 2, 3... and here? Korean have much ppl exalted? no, but here?
  7. I tried for 3 months to just be exalted ... what could I do? lvl 106 macro WITH PARTY in EV (otherwise it would die). IT? just waiting for someone to invite (I'm not evis / othel) macro 24/7 in Ev ... well ... I had to put a little bit of $ in order to progress. IT'S NOT FREE TO PLAY. and 150b is no much equip to farm alone, is very expensive this server.
  8. Feoh 108 - 150b equip IoS - 100kk Storm 110~130kk PI - 100kk (drops) this with prestige... i farm 400~450 kk all day and exp 1,2% this is normal?! u need look a big ppl farm, not a poor toons, make u job.
  9. Mammon’s Magic Staff promotion in the L2 Store will continue for one week. The Letter Collector event will continue for one week. Fixed an issue where the amount of Adena dropping in the Isle of Souls was incorrect. A- Useless for casual players, only 50 ~ 100 people out of 5,000 can participate. B- Pathetic C) Stupid No words to describe the sadness of reading messages from @Juji and @Hime
  10. A 16 year old game ... a few years ago is being killed, not because the game is boring / old, quite the contrary, we still find something fun in it ... but the server administration leaves a lot to be desired. I will not say anything about the updates, because apparently the only readers who read the forum are the players.
  11. Hello, first good morning, secondly fire everyone and put players to manage the game. That said, come on ... "Give your feedback" Write that down and add "last seen 20 hours ago" "update discussion" Write this and add "last seen Friday" and we are on Monday Well, I don't know how your home office is doing, but there is something wrong with that, maybe that's why the bot are comfortable on the server. About the update? was there any? I noticed difficulties in leveling my char 108 feoh ... few mob, I didn't notice an increase in Feoh (maybe I am too weak to have an
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