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  1. I'm so sorry for you ..
  2. bb all

    Best decision you've made regarding a game. Don't mind Mixa, he/she is not even playing the game, but is trying very hard to "hold the door" for NcSoft ..
  3. Missing Raids

    This sounds more like a cheap illegal server then an official one. What can I say ..welcome to NcSoft
  4. Classic server transfert

    No one understands, what you are saying .. i'm afraid
  5. Classic server transfert

    What ? How could you know about "this" game, when this version has nothing in common with anything Lineage 2 related?! And no, you don't know more about this game then 99% of the people in here. Are you suggesting that almost everyone is new to Lineage 2 ?! LOL
  6. Classic server transfert

    Aka you don't actually play the game, yet here you are, giving "advices" about how everything works as it should! Are you also doing that in real life , at least on your day job?
  7. First, you are arguing that everything is ok, and then you are not? LOL !
  8. Classic server transfert

    Lol, what players?! Are you even a player? Do you still play the game?
  9. Worth playing as a buffer?

    Not worth playing on this server, let alone as a buffer.
  10. No, no VIP , regarding the level , affects the spoil rate. I was one of the very first players who asked this right after Classic Launch. I believe they lost a lot of $ out of VIP's because they didn't include spoil rates and adena based on your VIP level. This version we have now, has nothing to do with Lineage 2 ( Classic or not ). Is a disaster!
  11. LOA zone xD

    What's up with LOA?
  12. To all WINNERS (and sheeps)

    1268 posts which most of them are about how everyone is wrong and you are right. Now, say again that line about "..a miserable life" ?
  13. Summoners

    This forum is so quiet, that soon you .. ..and you, may find in the position to say each-other .. "bye!"
  14. Everything Here is Ruined

    Based on your previous reply, theoretically it helps since you "washed" NcSoft ( West ) hands with that line which is not the case. About the bold part , I pretty much agree with it.