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  1. Best decision you've made regarding a game. Don't mind Mixa, he/she is not even playing the game, but is trying very hard to "hold the door" for NcSoft ..
  2. This sounds more like a cheap illegal server then an official one. What can I say ..welcome to NcSoft
  3. No one understands, what you are saying .. i'm afraid
  4. What ? How could you know about "this" game, when this version has nothing in common with anything Lineage 2 related?! And no, you don't know more about this game then 99% of the people in here. Are you suggesting that almost everyone is new to Lineage 2 ?! LOL
  5. Aka you don't actually play the game, yet here you are, giving "advices" about how everything works as it should! Are you also doing that in real life , at least on your day job?
  6. First, you are arguing that everything is ok, and then you are not? LOL !
  7. Lol, what players?! Are you even a player? Do you still play the game?
  8. Not worth playing on this server, let alone as a buffer.
  9. No, no VIP , regarding the level , affects the spoil rate. I was one of the very first players who asked this right after Classic Launch. I believe they lost a lot of $ out of VIP's because they didn't include spoil rates and adena based on your VIP level. This version we have now, has nothing to do with Lineage 2 ( Classic or not ). Is a disaster!
  10. 1268 posts which most of them are about how everyone is wrong and you are right. Now, say again that line about "..a miserable life" ?
  11. This forum is so quiet, that soon you .. ..and you, may find in the position to say each-other .. "bye!"
  12. Based on your previous reply, theoretically it helps since you "washed" NcSoft ( West ) hands with that line which is not the case. About the bold part , I pretty much agree with it.
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