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  1. Since when? Archers making 300kk+ isle of souls and feohs 200kk..... Every daily need ertheia and archer.
  2. What exactly you mean? can you tell us more details? Because all feohs reroll
  3. As the tittle says. Leave me msgs here
  4. I have feoh 110 with basic gear. For PVE Depents how much money you want to spent. Archer need top gear but is top farmer. Feoh with top gear can not do the same with archer. But in mid-low gear feoh is better. The minus with feohs is the critical rate cap.
  5. What you mean for critical hit? can you explain me please? Edit: Stop the drama is enought! You crit every skill. Archers need more nerf for sure.
  6. Hello! As a new player i dont undestand how skills critical rate is working. As far as i search for archers Dex is effect skill critical rate even if they have max p critical that is 500. But! I can not find how Feohs can effect skill critical rate. All feohs have 500 m critical. How is possible to increase the citical rate of magic skills? Artifact m skill critical rate is increase the amount of critical hits?
  7. As a low gear player (100bill) 109lvl i will tell you my thoughs. 1) For me we dont need better recharge for IOS because all top players and their bot stay here hole day and noone of us can not farm some adena (300kk per hour) 2) We need some further spots for farm because tanor/aligator is always full and the most of players that are 108-109 can not find a spot to farm 3) We need adena from pluderious because everyone could farm here 4) We need some cheap potions like vitality or something like that so everyone could farm faster 5) We need party bonus so healer tanker
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