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  1. Virginia no frequent opening items and using items in inventory. Major delay. 10-20 seconds. Constant attempts to use the item causes game client to crash. Cake, rune, pots. All have use delay lag. Sometimes multiple items spawn because I’m not sure if I clicked it right and after 10-15 seconds multiple times render. get your shit together.
  2. They won’t release patch notes till the last minute because they think the crystal of dawn stuff and other changes will cause market crashes and people to hoard things. Like people can’t read the Korean notes and figure these things out. We’ll get patch notes at earliest Tuesday night like they do every single other weekly update. They aren’t very good at this.
  3. This event is terrible. Info was posted and items sold while most of th server was asleep. Lol ncsoft is an incredibly shit company. A vit rune would of made them tens of thousands easily. Maybe more. And they drop this garbage event with items you can buy cheaper in town. Wtf.
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