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  1. So I guess my 7 day fishing rods are just being wasted now.
  2. When I log in and select the server.. I hit okay and nothing happens.. I did a repair and it is still happening... Tried like 10 times.
  3. I am having one of the same issues. I can have one client open, but as soon as I have the second one open the non active window goes white and stops responding. It happens with a third as well. I have tried repairing, restating my computer and it has not fixed this issue. This happened once or twice before the patch. Now it is every time I try to dual or triple box. I have 16 gb of ram and a GTX 1070 graphics card so it shouldn't be my pc.
  4. I had a orc named kranmoor and a sws named angriel. Didn't make much of a splash though had a few people I played with consistently.
  5. If that's the case do u think I could get back all 16 hours a day I spent playing from mid 2003 to 2006 since I really wasn't playing...
  6. I don't remember the server but I had an orc named kranmoor and a sws named angriel
  7. I am gmt - 4 and plan on playing between 6pm and 11pm which server will be best for me?
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