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  1. There have been a number of players asking for Discords to communicate during Launch. We will be on TI and Have set up some channels for None Members that wish to utilize for grind groups/leveling/questing Etc. Discord link: https://discord.gg/afQd9bf
  2. WPG - WarriorPoetsGaming has been around since Prelude L2. There is only a small group of us coming back to classic to re-live some glory days and have a bit of fun along the way. Those that know of us, not much to say. We have been pretty relevant in almost every MMO we have been in since L2Prelude. Really I'm throwing this post up to see who out there is coming and would love to reconnect and run together while we fill out how this reboot of a classic is going to work out. Server: Talking Island (Our understanding that is the unofficial NA server) Comms: WPG utilizes both Discord/TS3 https://discord.gg/5E79rhG Please join the Discord regardless of joining our community. Should be a fun time had by all. Found some old Vids from Youtube, a bit of WPG history. SWTOR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LLE7CiQEyM&t=316s More Swtor Fun Some insane fun in ArcheAge, 2 Servers 2 Castles If you want to see more just Youtube search WarriorPoets Black desert/ ArcheAge / wow any relevant MMO in the last 10 years. Should find something. Here is to hoping this Classic Reboot is even half as fun as the original See you on the Battlefield D,
  3. Simple Question L2 Community, During Prelude C 1-5 it only took us getting to clan level 4 to create an alliance. As a classic server is that still the case? When I see the clan level charts it shows alliance at Clan level 5. Can I get confirmation if that was rolled back or not? Thanks,
  4. Clan Level for Alliance

    Again those are not patch notes, those are stat's from the LIVE servers. Hence the reason for clarity. In Prelude, you formed alliances at clan lvl 4 and had to work WAY harder to lvl up your clan, lame quests that took forever. Now its just as simple as buying it off the high lvl BOTs / Account sharers in your server or go out and AOE farm some Proofs yourself. Was simply looking for clarity on if its STILL lvl 4 as it should be, this being a classic REBOOT and all, or if they kept it at clan lvl 5. Thanks,
  5. Clan Level for Alliance

    lol, Thanks for the assumptions. But your correct, we have no botters, or account sharing in our clan so clan lvl 4 is all we can do with ease for now. I appreciate the info. Cheers,
  6. Clan Level for Alliance

    Please keep this bumped really hoping someone has a firm insight. As it is a very heavy investment for a clan to push to lvl 4 and 5 thanks.
  7. Clan Level for Alliance

    @Hime Can you give us a confirmed answer to this. Not sure we want to push for this if its as far out as Clan lvl 5. Thanks,
  8. @Hime I am Honestly, Pleasantly surprised. Logging in today, It is obvious that you guys have done something. The regular heavily populated zones with BOTs are much much lighter. Thank you!!
  9. Like many of you, I played during Prelude and into C4 and C5 or even beyond. I saw the classic relaunch and jumped at the chance. Honestly, I've loved it so far 3 Accounts DEEP into VIP3. There are things I hope they don't add to the cash shop and I've complained about the bots to our clan members etc etc. I do not think this reboot has been perfect by any stretch. Here is the REALITY CHECK: NCSoft is a business they see this as a last-ditch effort to SQUEEZE as much as they can out of us and will reinvest every penny into something else. They have no grandiose Road Map for a 15-17-year-old game. They WILL not ban bots, each of those is a revenue stream and continues to add to the ever-growing revenue results from this endeavor. No matter how much you think they are listening, I assure you everything you see was already thought out and is being rolled out accordingly. For example #1 cash shop item to date? Dgrade SS (Reusable spam) they intentionally bottleneck the C grade gear with skewed drop rates 40+. They let that run for a few extra weeks (Just more revenue in the shop while we are stuck in D). Now they will slowly loosen up that hold on C grade (BAM Now they will open up C grade SS/BSPS in the shop) Bottleneck B grade new patch new items in the shop. All of this would have been forecasted and thought out prior to even opening this server. I assure you they have had multiple discussions on the ever-evolving juggling act of what can we release into the store at what price/time and what will be the fallout vs the return? Another example the $50 XP/SP 30-day rune. I assure you that was not some random number they pulled out of the air, the data will show that ENOUGH of this player base will pay that to justify the cost. Regardless of how much you hate to hear this, NCSoft is a company and ALL they care about is how much Revenue they can squeeze out of this little side project to fund other up and coming projects on their product roadmap. Enjoy the ride as long as you can. D,
  10. L2 Player Base, Reality check time!!

    Sadly that is what I foresee coming down the pipe. That may be what breaks me sadly. At some point, NCSoft needs to understand that L2 at its heart has a player driven economy and the more they play in that, the more they take away from what we all loved about it. I don't mind the XP/SP runes cosmetics, even buff scrolls. But the ssC and ssB would be a blatant disregard for the player's impact on the game. Interesting juggling act for NCSoft, at what point to you tie off a revenue stream that is amazing, to justify keeping player base to continue to milk from other aspects. Would be interesting to see their data backing the upcoming decisions. For me personally, I think once they dip into the 40+ economy I'll be out. Either way, it has been a hell of a lot of fun and they got what they needed from me ;p. I don't mind spending some money to rehash some good old L2 fun (If done respectably). If their Mobile game strategy is any indication of what is going to happen here, Expect a TON of P2W items coming down the pipe.
  11. They don't want you to rush to C grade, nor do they want you to have excess Adena. You have zero Adena you buy SS from the cash shop. Once in C grade, they will have to justify a C grade SS release to the Cash shop. They may not be ready to drop that bomb on the community yet or have not yet figured it out. These releases are not accidental, they are not messing anything up. This was all pre-planned. The less Adena you have the more you rely on the NCSoft Cash shop for convenience. Once you are FULL C grade items all you have need of is the XP/SP runes. #1 seller is the current D grade SS. They do not want to lose that. @Hime and @Juji I'm not upset in the slightest at the current roll out of your Revenue strategy. I completely get it and understand where NCSoft is coming from to maximize profits. My only feedback/Advice At some point you will have that tipping point where if NCSoft continues to play in the Player driven economy you will lose more players than its worth. I do feel 40+ is that spot, C grade is unacceptable. Keep pushing your XP/SP Runes/scrolls/buffs etc. But SS sales in C grade or putting spell books in the cash shop will have a larger exodus than you might think (Maybe you have already forecasted for this?) Just some simple Feedback, I understand you most likely have little to no input into the current roadmap for this classic reboot. But pass that info along. All the best, D,
  12. Clan 1 , 2 and 3 All lvl 3 and pushing for lvl 4, Get those PROOFS
  13. Hello all fellow Warlords, or X Warlords. So I've been away from the game since C4, so this skill is new to me. I absolutely love it of course as it makes us a bit more viable. Yet 90% of the time I keep seeing this bullshit message everytime I try to use it. If I'm holding down Ctrl or not it does not matter I see the same thing. It works like 10% of the time, I can't seem to figure out what and why it works sometimes and not others. "Lighting Spear, cannot be used due to unsuitable terms." Please help me understand wtf is going on, Beyond frustrating. Thanks,
  14. There is no one fix for this PvP system. But I feel a great start would be if you are RED and someone tries to KILL the RED player, THEY go purple. This way you could PK BR asshats that have zero respect for other gamers. And your party could defend you if they come back to try to kill the red. Hitting REDS makes you go PURPLE, Also a red can defend himself and not take more Karma. D,
  15. Teleport cost problems!

    The mule is the best approach, Everyone else is right I played Prelude to C4. We ran everywhere. I remember waiting for the boat in TI all the time. No way I was spending Adena on a port, when you can do Guild admin, sell in shout while you run. Maximize your time. I'm 41+ and been running since I hit 41. I'll be damned If I give those GK's any of my hard earned Adena (Unless its needed for Guild PvP). D,
  16. Good afternoon TI players. For those looking to get to know more about WPG please follow this discord link: https://discord.gg/pfr99qk Will take you to our Code of conduct page as well and give you hopefully some more details about who we are. Happy Hunting.
  17. Talking Island SERVER Discord

    As the Clan continues to grow we are now setting aside channels for the Public and channels for our clan members. So if you jump in and can't see us please message me or any of our members and we can pull you down. Or jump in the Open Public channels. Happy Hunting.
  18. Welcome aboard to all those joining our WarriorPoetsWPG clan just established. Will be clan level 2 by EOD. Thanks,
  19. Talking Island SERVER Discord

    Thank you to all those that have joined. It's been great getting to know all of you. Also welcome to all those joining the WPG clan, Db,
  20. Has anyone heard if they are going to add those Items to the Dimensional Warehouse??? That is a very costly reroll if we are expected to buy packs for each account. Thanks, DB,
  21. For any of you that are old L2 Players (not private) you understand the value of finding and building with a solid core of players. Clans are limited in our recruitment early stages and the penalties for kicking make it critical that clans recruit the RIGHT players the first go around! LvL 0: 10 members LvL 1: 15 members (Takes 150,000 Adena to get) LvL 2: 20 Members (Takes 300,000 Adena to get) and so on... WarriorPoets has been around since L2 Prelude in most major MMO's and returned for this amazing classic reboot. Sadly most in our community have no clue how incredible this game really is and are too soft to handle the grind anyways :D. We have a solid 12-15 members right now clan lvl 1 pushing hard for 2. All 20-30 (boxes as well, a Separate clan for boxes). But with the importance of finding like-minded players, I've started this post. Most of us are NA based, we are pushing hard most days. But want to start building out a list of said like-minded players, Voice comms are a must, and would like to have those we can't get in yet till we level the clan to join comms, level with us and get to know the group. We will get you in as soon as we get the clan levels. Clans are the backbone of L2 and finding the right players, with a solid Clan/Guild First mentality is crucial. PM me on these boards Apply in the game at WarriorPoets, through the Clan Entry section of your clan tab and please most important. Jump on in our Discord. An active Voice Comms is critical to success!! https://discord.gg/5E79rhG (come and get to know the team, prior to joining) I've already got a recruitment thread up But wanted this here to drive the point home of who we are looking for. All too often recruitment threads get lost in the noise of the 100 others. Check out some history PvP vids here if you like: Thanks for reading and Happy Hunting all, I hope to hear from a few of you!
  22. We do, as the grind starts to get a bit more intense we are building AOE Grind groups as well. A lot of us have boxed or have 3 accounts running so have had no need for the early aoe grinds in AC, but will need to shortly. Avg lvl in the clan is around 25-28. So your not to far behind. Jump on in Discord and get to know the group.
  23. Was great to meet a few of you over the last few days. Keep this bumped.
  24. Just keeping this Bumped, Was great to meet a few of you already. Staying active in voice comms will put you up the wait list ahead of other applicants. Activity in comms is critical to success. Thanks,