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  1. client closes on character creation

    yea... looks like 3 boxes is already too much. leave it for VIP users only
  2. client closes on character creation

    Saturday morning - problem still exists. Either I get count to 0 and see the "client will be closed message" or I get to choose hero, start entering ping and get disconnected
  3. bro you what? I spent night to level up my dwarf to lvl 14... what lvl 40 2 days are you talking about. Don't buy exp and you will stay 40 days in Dion instead of 2
  4. adena/drop is somewhat frustrating. But if everyone is poor, and I am poor with them it's fine. If people want to pay - we can't stop them. Again, it's the choice of everyone. Create a non pvp character, and play for fun without paying anything. You will struggle getting briga set ? Ok, everyone will. Some Pete has all money and exp because he payed - jokes on him, he's stealing all the joy from all the challenges of being noob.
  5. https://www.strawpoll.me/16550653 vote! vote! vote!
  6. daggers are useless without drop on death. Ok, we have many more classes. now EVERYTHING (ss, mats, etc) can be bought in stores, farewell dwarfs. Which classes you will kill next? Just tell us who to play? Bye bye, it was a short ride
  7. nah. People are hooked to L2, they dont leave. what REALLY happens -is that person then buys his item immediately for a 30% discount.
  8. it's even bettererer when you get best C item after that))
  9. fake death? dead skills . No point in using them
  10. Sin Eater Please.

    sorry (not sorry), I am of that rare breed that play game and don't accidentally pk guys using afk shit
  11. Sin Eater Please.

    if you dont drop on death at pve, why would u need sin eater. PK number was important only b/c it increased chances of drop on death. Now you dont have it - you dont need sin eater
  12. Sin Eater Please.

    I want to prey on bots and afk loopers. Dropping items was the part of the real game, and if u're too scared to lose smth - go play modern mmorpg. This is not a place of participation medals
  13. Sin Eater Please.

    you kill the whole class of daggers by removing drop on death. They suck at pve, they suck at pvp, they are not invited on RB, they are not very good at mass pvp. When you had drop on death you could be this sneaky little antagonist dagger. Now there's no reason to pick them
  14. being casual is the opposite of being competetive. Let casuals be casuals. We dont need bots, we dont need loops
  15. Sin Eater Please.

    Why would you need a sin eater, if there is no drop on death?
  16. Keep Looping Macro!!!

    if you cant drop a guy who is using macros - it's just gg for a server from the start. Either make all play, or let us drop their trains
  17. Hello all! Still have time before the start, so I enjoy theorycrafting late at nights considering which class to pick. Had experience with warlock, hawkey, destr, sps on C4, want to try something totally new. This could be a tyrant or a dwarf (looking at warsmith more closely). When choosing I try to imagine what my gameplay will look like. Please correct me if I am thinking wrong: Tyrant: con: somewhat slow single target farm; somewhat under-geared even if using VIP4 tier; no shield - means somewhat volnurable to archers. May be ok at sieges pro: may be invited on RB parties(this is important), should be able to defend farming spot vs equally geared opponent. (looking at ideal 1 v 1 case). Stays relevant at higher lvls;with good items can be very dangerous at small scale PVP; should be good in catacombs/necropolis, when they eventually? arrive Dwarf: con: never invited on RB (right? right?:sadface:); is not meant to be able to defend farming spot; might not be invited on raids; even with top gear does not become a pvp machine pro: unique for dwarfs crafting/trading (if ws) aspect of game; rich, so should have better gear than av. opponent, which may help to defend spot; can farm fast with Polearms (until probably late 60+); relevant on castle sieges; doesn't care about stupid archers since always has a shield; should be good in catacombs/necropolis, when they eventually? arrive ----- Did I miss something? Is it all true or delusional? Thanks in advance! P.S. sorry for formatting, I am stupid newb and lazy. P.P.S For information I will probably play 3hrs per day with 1 box with vip3 or 4.
  18. russians historically are the opposite of the nazi. They are commies (doesn't make them much better) but calling russians nazi is funny)
  19. 300 ping is either not EU or a terrible internet. From EU you should realistically get 150 ms. If you're from Russia, well stay in Russia. also 150 ms ping is still crappy. Idk why would you switch on NA if you gonna have new server in Europe anyway
  20. Remove looping macro

    well innova f*****d them up properly. No pk, no mob trains, instances, etc etc Edit: i dont bleep
  21. Drop Mechanics

    I just realized you could be red and lose nothing when dying...
  22. Remove looping macro

    bots should be dropped. Oh wait, there's not drop on death.... sigh
  23. Remove looping macro

    remove macro looping return drop on death