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  1. WTF is, 14 day and daily w8 1,5-2hrs ... ????!!! NO - exit game. This is not a game for people who go to work and have a family !!!!!!!! i have 1,5-2hrs in game, no for waiting! TRAGEDY, zero support , zero fun, zero time in game, zero desire to play , Lineage 2 is now very bad game. thumbs down for Team NCSOFT!
  2. :-) Click to Emoticon !
  3. lol realy NO-grade penalty ?!! 99% RPG game have minimal level for item... NCsoft ???? NO! What delete too weapon mastery ... Nuker with bow this is super no?!
  4. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    ok for all with this problem: 1) log acc 1 and w8 on table with "close l2 klient" - no close!!!!!!! 2) give esc or click on other server and make table "close or ok" - u give close and nothing more u make.... 3) run next client - log - select server - log in game 4) run next and next and next acc and next - 3 window or cheater make 75345343 window... 5) this is all.... have super bad english ... sry
  5. SOUL Orfen vs. BLESSED zaken - healer/wizzard

    Orfen MP +46, Sleep/ Paralysis/ Mental Resistance +25%, Sleep/ Paralysis/ Mental Atk. Rate +25%, Heal Received +10%, Skill MP Consumption -5%, Vampiric Rage +4%. VS Zaken MP+ 37, Bleed Resistance +30%, Bleed Atk. Rate +30%, Heal Amount +15%, Vampiric Rage Effect, Stun/ Mental Attack Resistance +30%, Stun/ Mental Atk. Rate +30%, and Dark Resistance +15 this is: 25%sleep attack/defense (for healer) + 25% Paralysis rezist and - 5% mental A/D vs. 30%stun attack/defense (for feoh, rezist for healer) - stun is impontant f. feoh --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10% heal Received vs. 15% Heal Amount (wtf this is for difference????) - this is impontant f. healer --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5% MP save and more Mdef vs. ??? dark rezist (y 5% save MP is bonus but no high) Question is what is defference in word Received VS Amount ... Know sameone?
  6. Hi all, i have a diplema. I have Soul orfen earing and Blessed zaken, but i can not decide, what is better for Healer/Feoh as the second earing... any advice? THX
  7. November 2018 Preview

    yy this is SUPER price 4000ncoin - open rune box and 30 day i w8 on PT. Server is death, 1 tank = 1,5hrs w8...i play 3hrs/day = better more active player, how give 50 euro for this same exp/hrs. For me is better 1hrs rune 200% box - ideal 400 coin - 10x1hrs 200% rune box.
  8. @Hime @Juji :D? they do not read the LIVE forum, they have lots of work with Classic. Classic has much higher earnings, how LIVE. A official forum here is for nothing , only a place to cry and threads without official reply. My prognosis - for 9-12 months = merger NAIA+Chronos - 4k - 4,5k Player - 1 new update (2000 player in same time max. + 2500 box - 60% bot/macro/seller) for 12-18 mounts = 2,7-3k playes - last new update for 24 mounts = end L2 (sales 40% how now = without meaning for NC soft)
  9. item : Mysterious Halloween Potion (x10) [Limit 1 per account, Lv. 85 restriction] 1 ADENA where do I buy it? I do not see it in the l2store ...
  10. DImensional Bracelet

    ok, and part 8 and 9 I do not have to do it, yeah??
  11. DImensional Bracelet

    Hi all, I need to upgrade basic lvl1 bracelet on lvl 6, do all 7 Warp Quest? THX for answer.
  12. [News] Golden Compass Event

    Feoh 103 (+20bl apo, +10 bl. R99 set, WB jewell - b.valakas,s.baium .... cloak, longing, abudence 1 ....) Wednesday: 1-10 round NP... next time: sonata off = death - new enter with npc buf on 1hrs .... first boss ok. 10-17 round carefully but np. second boss is red - damage from him 3k, i do him 600 - 6572 = fail. Thursday : i make lvl 104 - 1 - 18 round NP - second boss is yellow - damage from him 2,5k, i do him 800 - 21500 = run on next 40 min and 3 death, last me death he had RAGE (how boss in kartia), i enter back to instance and boss have back 50% hp ... I better unlog and off this game. Maybe on lvl 105 is chance. And y Tyrr Grand Khavatari 105 have super single damage, can not be compared with feoh.
  13. [News] Golden Compass Event

    event for all 100+ ?? on lvl 95 u can too go solo kartia95 but is this difficult ... but healer,iss,tank or super low craft this in the end give. here top-middle eq and lvl 103 and no chance... Make this event really for all, low dps = low rewand - high dps = high rewand (30-60 coin) this is fair, y but event for 30 top player is on nothing. -------------------------------------- Next problem: ALL SUPER TOP PLAYER now give coin, NC team this repair for 3-4 day? SUPER TOP PLAYER have 4x120coin and other?? ... nothing, but problem is fix, why do not you try events with the given equipment and for support character? Why run event on nothing? Speedy work is on sh it. IN czech language - Práce kvapná je hovno platná!
  14. [News] Golden Compass Event

    me stat : feoh 103 - m.attack 950kk , 65k HP, 19 700 pdef, 17100 m def, (bl.valakas,soul baium,creation+8,antharas bl. event, angel+7, R99+10 blessed, +20 weapon 3sa, +12 sigil, mokey,+10 cloak, jewell +3/+4 dia,sappire,opal,blue cat,pearl......) and and ..... boos on? 1min with br+burst casting = 1/25 HP = fail ... and maybe 5000 freya potion on hp for this time???? realy for all?????? Maybe for super donator ....