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  1. WTF is, 14 day and daily w8 1,5-2hrs ... ????!!! NO - exit game. This is not a game for people who go to work and have a family !!!!!!!! i have 1,5-2hrs in game, no for waiting! TRAGEDY, zero support , zero fun, zero time in game, zero desire to play , Lineage 2 is now very bad game. thumbs down for Team NCSOFT!
  2. lol realy NO-grade penalty ?!! 99% RPG game have minimal level for item... NCsoft ???? NO! What delete too weapon mastery ... Nuker with bow this is super no?!
  3. ok for all with this problem: 1) log acc 1 and w8 on table with "close l2 klient" - no close!!!!!!! 2) give esc or click on other server and make table "close or ok" - u give close and nothing more u make.... 3) run next client - log - select server - log in game 4) run next and next and next acc and next - 3 window or cheater make 75345343 window... 5) this is all.... have super bad english ... sry
  4. Orfen MP +46, Sleep/ Paralysis/ Mental Resistance +25%, Sleep/ Paralysis/ Mental Atk. Rate +25%, Heal Received +10%, Skill MP Consumption -5%, Vampiric Rage +4%. VS Zaken MP+ 37, Bleed Resistance +30%, Bleed Atk. Rate +30%, Heal Amount +15%, Vampiric Rage Effect, Stun/ Mental Attack Resistance +30%, Stun/ Mental Atk. Rate +30%, and Dark Resistance +15 this is: 25%sleep attack/defense (for healer) + 25% Paralysis rezist and - 5% mental A/D vs. 30%stun attack/defense (for feoh, rezist for healer) - stun is impontant f. feoh -
  5. Hi all, i have a diplema. I have Soul orfen earing and Blessed zaken, but i can not decide, what is better for Healer/Feoh as the second earing... any advice? THX
  6. yy this is SUPER price 4000ncoin - open rune box and 30 day i w8 on PT. Server is death, 1 tank = 1,5hrs w8...i play 3hrs/day = better more active player, how give 50 euro for this same exp/hrs. For me is better 1hrs rune 200% box - ideal 400 coin - 10x1hrs 200% rune box.
  7. @Hime @Juji :D? they do not read the LIVE forum, they have lots of work with Classic. Classic has much higher earnings, how LIVE. A official forum here is for nothing , only a place to cry and threads without official reply. My prognosis - for 9-12 months = merger NAIA+Chronos - 4k - 4,5k Player - 1 new update (2000 player in same time max. + 2500 box - 60% bot/macro/seller) for 12-18 mounts = 2,7-3k playes - last new update for 24 mounts = end L2 (sales 40% how now = without meaning for NC soft)
  8. item : Mysterious Halloween Potion (x10) [Limit 1 per account, Lv. 85 restriction] 1 ADENA where do I buy it? I do not see it in the l2store ...
  9. ok, and part 8 and 9 I do not have to do it, yeah??
  10. Hi all, I need to upgrade basic lvl1 bracelet on lvl 6, do all 7 Warp Quest? THX for answer.
  11. Feoh 103 (+20bl apo, +10 bl. R99 set, WB jewell - b.valakas,s.baium .... cloak, longing, abudence 1 ....) Wednesday: 1-10 round NP... next time: sonata off = death - new enter with npc buf on 1hrs .... first boss ok. 10-17 round carefully but np. second boss is red - damage from him 3k, i do him 600 - 6572 = fail. Thursday : i make lvl 104 - 1 - 18 round NP - second boss is yellow - damage from him 2,5k, i do him 800 - 21500 = run on next 40 min and 3 death, last me death he had RAGE (how boss in kartia), i enter back to instance and boss have back 50% hp ... I better unlog and
  12. event for all 100+ ?? on lvl 95 u can too go solo kartia95 but is this difficult ... but healer,iss,tank or super low craft this in the end give. here top-middle eq and lvl 103 and no chance... Make this event really for all, low dps = low rewand - high dps = high rewand (30-60 coin) this is fair, y but event for 30 top player is on nothing. -------------------------------------- Next problem: ALL SUPER TOP PLAYER now give coin, NC team this repair for 3-4 day? SUPER TOP PLAYER have 4x120coin and other?? ... nothing, but problem is fix, why do not you try events
  13. me stat : feoh 103 - m.attack 950kk , 65k HP, 19 700 pdef, 17100 m def, (bl.valakas,soul baium,creation+8,antharas bl. event, angel+7, R99+10 blessed, +20 weapon 3sa, +12 sigil, mokey,+10 cloak, jewell +3/+4 dia,sappire,opal,blue cat,pearl......) and and ..... boos on? 1min with br+burst casting = 1/25 HP = fail ... and maybe 5000 freya potion on hp for this time???? realy for all?????? Maybe for super donator ....
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