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  1. I think I already posted this thread, but here I go again The reason why cps are getting banned is because they lend accounts between eachother, get tagged for logging in different geolocations, and get banned. This IS a bannable offense, and there's nothing you can do about it.
  2. This is from a time when bots could barely move in a room, they couldnt get back or even go to town on their own. Nowadays bots can even use the pk to resupply and go again to the same spot
  3. If you're not the one using your char while he gains 1xp or 1 adena, it's bannable. How often they actually enforce this rule, is another matter altogether, but it is bannable.
  4. Since you're speaking in his behalf, Im gonna assume that you're actually OP on a different account, for whatever reason To give you a short answer, the point is precisely that you (and I, ofc) agreed to not have any rights in this game, we have no right to ownership, and we have no right to use (end of short answer). You have no right to demand for shorter queues, no right to demand that bots are wiped (as much as I would particularly love that), and no right to ask for a change in a broken system that has been carried on for 13 years. Again, read the EULA.
  5. When you want to make something work, you need to find the proper way to do it, it's glaringly clear that he just alt tabbed and made this post to rant about an issue without giving any type of thought to it. Just adding more rubble to sift through. If you have a problem with my statement, you can counterpoint me, thats why its called a forum and not a blog. If you have a problem with the delivery, you can deal with that yourself, Im an bleep, but Im not lying.
  6. The only reason that VIPs have queue now is because everyone thought it was a good idea to tell everyone else that VIP1 was only 1 dolar/month. What did you guys think it would happen? That nc would just increase server cap to make way for the 2000 new vip1 bots and ex f2p? This is not directed at OP, but to the gral. Pop. When you find a good thing, you keep quiet about it and enjoy it until it gets fvckedup. Unless it is illegal, anyways.
  7. Okay, first of all, you have the right to jackshit, my friend, read the EULA. Secondly, offline shops are a illegal server's way to inflate population and avoid multiboxing, but that would not work in here, where the problem is overpopulation. An offline shop demands exactly the same server side resources as an afk shop. So you can't just "offline shop" 1000 players and make way for another 1000 in, given that the reason they haven't increased server capacity are instability-related. Greetings
  8. OMG THREE OR FOUR TOP D WEAPONS?!?! THATS SO UNFAIR! This totally rng based event is shattering my dreams of being the very best that no one ever was. Then again, considering that good players are already full C or even on their way to B gearing, some d weaps don't seem to be THAAT much of a problem. Maybe it's just me.
  9. By any chance, we're your queues shorter the second time around? I seem to be able to login somewhat reliably if queues are below 400 players, more than that and it just loops.
  10. This ^ Its not a client/server bug Its an active action that servers take upon f2p players in order to allow VIP users to skip queue without overflowing the server population. The 5 secs rule is complete bullshiet, Ive had dc messages while still on queue, looking at it. And the only reason you seem to be able to enter after a couple tries, is because the server seems to "whitelist" your ip if you've tried a couple times already in the last minutes.
  11. If your camera stars poimting to one side (up, down) and you cant move it or it "resets" to the same spot, disconnect your joystick, gaming controller, and disable gamepad funtionality from options.
  12. Should I DM you guys to buy me and my group the VIP/chronicle packs so we can move over to aden? Because NCWest is not supporting a realistic approach to the issue (if you opened a box or used 1 scroll/pot, you cant transfer your pack, and VIP is lost no matter what)
  13. I have an account with vip3, chronicle pack and skips queue have 3 other accounts, vip0, infinite loop (queue, kicks, queue again) All of my friends are vip3/4 (chronicle pack) they only get queue when population is really stacked (over 850 queue), and even then, not all the time 2 of my friends, that bought the pack but didnt redeemed the code right away (started playing later) presented the same issues as my alt accounts, one of them spent 3 hrs trying to create his character, they redeemed the code, became vip3, no more queue, no more random dcs And this is not circumsta
  14. If someone comes and say "this is a server issue were trying to fix it" Im gonna point to their bullshiet so fast my finger will smell like crap for days. This is not a technichal issue, this is a productive decision, the servers are ACTIVELY dropping VIP0 accounts in order to make room for VIP1+ players, why do you think VIP accs can just skip queue and not hit the 6k login cap? Every time your f2p acc gets dropped while in queue, is because the server dropped you to make room for a VIP to enter. I can deal with rates and queues no problem, and I have absolutely no issue
  15. Im pretty sure that if you made the leveling quest chains, you were provided with a novice low-ng weapon and armor, and Im possitive those do not expire after 7 days. Regarding adena, yeah, the exp to adena ratio is bleeped up, best advise would be spamming spider nest quest, or getting in a 9-man semi-afk group, where you dont really need to use ss/pots.
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