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  1. Once people gets to a decent level, there will be people that will abuse this system. You could level a lot of DDs, or even spoilers for coin+spoil, up till 20/30, cash in the coins, self trade the items via dimensional, and then craft something with them (to bypass the restriction on trade), easy profit Low level mobs are quite easy to kill, and if theres no restriction on the source/drop for silver coins, this could be a really easy way to get high level or high qty mats. Personally, I dont mind, I was just showing that is not "100000 SC x 1 leather", and tbh thi
  2. @Juji Could you be so kind as to answer some questions regarding Silver coins? Is silver coin drop rate the same across all levels? what is silver coins real drop chance? can you give me a table for a level der? are silver coins a account bound item, or character bound? Is the silver coin drop rate affected by party mechanics? Thank you in advance
  3. He only said he wouldn't receive silver coins because of the level difference, while in Dion outskirts.
  4. If silver coin's droprate is 100% for a mob of equal level (while vip4), it could be potentially more profitable being vip4 than having a spoiler. /discuss
  5. I read around that the possible cause of this error is that you might have selected another region in your client (a EU guy tried to do this, you can look the full post in this same forum) TL:DR The fix was changing all his settings to NA region Regarding your "acc freeze" comment, make your friends log in the live L2, youll need that same client anyways, and the account should thaw
  6. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Forgotten_Truth https://l2wiki.com/classic/Jumble,_Tumble,_Diamond_Fuss https://l2wiki.com/classic/Merciless_Punishment https://l2wiki.com/classic/Skirmish_with_the_Orcs https://l2wiki.com/classic/Spirit_of_Craftsman https://l2wiki.com/classic/Spirit_of_Mirrors https://l2wiki.com/classic/Sword_of_Solidarity
  7. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Quests https://l2wiki.com/classic/Important_Quests Please, take into account that wiki info is not confirmed to be up to par with Na server, and as such, is subject to changes.
  8. @TauntThanks for the highlight, I hope people gets to read it and dispell some still lingering doubts. This one is specially important, to avoid confusion between players thinking that Classic US is gonna start as 1.5
  9. So, basically your stance is "I'm asking something, but Im gonna keep asking until someone validates my point of view" A member of NCwest already answered your question, and as much as you might not like the answer, it's the only answer you're gonna get because is the right answer So, no further point in bumping this thread
  10. To explain it plainly, it would be both illegal and unprofittable to put a server in europe, seeing that the distribution rights for that zone are already bought (innova), and they can't have a feasible projection of what the euro player base (and profitability) will be. As for the main reason for your post, let me remind you that no one is forcing you to play in the NA servers, you accept all the details of playing in another region when you make the choice of playing there. I know it sounds like the average "ohh get rekt go back to innova" bs, but as dumb as that answer could be, i
  11. I will simulate some answers for you: Dumb player answer: Because chinese disrupt my game and are only good to bot/swarm Dev/Staff answer: We appreciate your interest in Lineage II. Unfortunately, the North American version of Lineage II is not available in the countries listed below. You will not be able to login or create an account if you reside in one of the following countries: Armenia Azerbaijan Belarus China Cuba Georgia Iran Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Moldova North Korea Russia Sudan
  12. "everytime" as if you're gonna be leveling like high-rate private garbage LOL, only during low levels you'll need to move to town a bit often, this has always been part of the old days of lineage, you could decide if you wanted to go back or continue grinding, this has always been a core gameplay design, there is a reason why every town has guild masters all around, they're not there for decoration. Your comprehension abilities left me astounded
  13. nope, hes creating a post for the world to see how much of a whinning bleep he is
  14. Theres a reason why macros were implemented, and that's fine, macros are not being removed, the option to "autocast" them is. There WAS "probably a reason why macro was inserted", now there's a reason why they're being removed, deal with it.
  15. A lot of companies are shifting towards using the ingame stores just to sell cosmetics and char management stuff (inv slots, name change, additionl char slots, etc) I would've thought that the VIP bs and donation "game upgrades" (exp and drop runes, buffs and such) would be enough, ofc is not /s
  16. If they just skipped these questions is because they were instructed not to address them, take a hint. Also, you can get your own conclusions just from the fact that they avoided those q's.
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