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  1. Thank you for your post dude, I have seen your previous posts here and I know that you do have valid observations each time. I did followed your advice in previous posts and set up in GC. So I can farm adena, so I can get plvl. Then what? Need more instances, need bigger map...
  2. First of all I am level 80 my self and I am not stuck as you said you are. It's just not enough for me. Secondly I do play with 10 clients and I am running a pretty decent party with everything needed. I dont know why you are in the same area for 3 months trust me I wont be staying that long in any area cause I'm just bored. I'm not asking for new areas nor custom stuff but just to expand the map to include areas that used to be in the official servers back at c4 when there was real pvp and noone was farming 24/7 apart from the trains. Dont tell me about being custom or easy game cause most
  3. Hello, I have started to play again in late August after almost 8 years of being inactive since I am a known l2 junky since 2003. Nowadays I dont have the time I had as a student to play 15 hrs a day but what I do have however is money to pour into the game in order to get a strong character. What I noticed after the first month of playing is that there are specific people running 100+ clients each and the way the map is structured there is no place for people like me to farm. Thing is im not complaining for the game being pay to win I am actually happy about it cause I got a few bucks t
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