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  1. IMHO does not makes sense we being kept at the same level we were. We have invested time and money (by getting boosts) to achieve some exp number (E.G: 3 ntrillions) if this xp number means we are upwards on level by the new table we would get immediate benefit, not needing to buy new boosts or invest more time to reach a XP quantity we already achieved. To keep us on the same level with the new table they will need to reduce the gained Exp from all chars below 110.
  2. Hi. First of all I woul like to congratulate the game admins by doing updates, shows that they are "trying" something to incentive players. But why by the god's sake you don't just enable "crafting" back? Some "realistic" players knows that unless these chests drop a full DW lv3 they will not stand a chance against the powerusers (please, don't get me wrong here, these players invested a lot of dedication to get where they are). Also by your own experience you should know more than me or everyone here that each time you implement a "valuable random system" you do not favour any noob t
  3. @Nevermind Wow, this is weird... When you read about the system, it tells which element beats other so you can to prepare. Without the "logic" it just become another random stuff to deal with without any chance of planning. Well, thanks by the clarification. Cheers!
  4. @Nevermind Thank you by your kindness, but I am on Talking Island. Cheers!!!
  5. - Noticed that mob Dire Wyrm on Sea of Spores has WATER element description. - But on kill it gives WIND spirit exp. Thank you.
  6. Any chance we get an Eva Ticket Sale? Hair accs are overpriced on Players Shops, I thought you would enable them on Black Friday . Also a question: Why on 2019 event you sold 1 ticket if we need 2 to exchange by a hat? Better just sell a 2X pack no? XD Regards!!
  7. Hello guys! Just switched from Live to Classic, I am feeling as a "pinto no lixo" (sorry, this can be just explained on my main language XD) with so much material drops and the possibility of both spoil and crafts. While I see that there will be a long way until get chars ready to something there is a lot of stuff to do (different from Live AFK boredom only option). There are some homework I got, so just correct me if I am wrong and I will be thankful. PKs = All bigfishes have a PK or are PK themselves to keep their AKFarm spots, there is also random bullies, but these can be iden
  8. Some things to consider: - There is not need of lots of "WAR" since they removed the PK penalties. - Retaliate AFK is a lot easier (The beauty of Autohunt feature). - As you may know L2 is a game where top+old players are so much powerful that 90% of the server can't stand a chance. - Server drops are nerfed as hell to force you to save Adena buying shots from Store (main monetization model here on Classic) this also reflects on gear up difficulty, so there is a small chance of "new forces" appearing. I do not advice you on trying "PvP" by spots, just join the strongest side and
  9. Hi Jaxx. I play on TI, but can confirm that Vampire drops from SoE Rotting Tree. The strategy I used was to place a "targeter" sit down on the fourth ditch and sending the part to assist it, took around 5 days (24 nonstop). Regards
  10. Guys, really... The ones that win are the ones that know the law$/rule$ and use them at their favour. The game is not a democracy, it is ruled by a corporation and while the quarter report show positive numbers there is no reason to get (or favour) new fresh players. Keep the game as is and generate scarcity of resources is pratically what keeps that "amazing" boxes selling. They have an excellent live ops team to keeping us behind the carrot. In the end I think that most from us just have the "realistic" goal in become something a bit higher than another random (as me and you maybe),
  11. @Juji We know the lag problems are not on purpose, but the worst part is that it is happening during events that would help players (as the past xp plus the halloween bonuses). We are literally "burning" vitality rune time, roses, cocktails and not getting the better from these opportunities, what imho is analogous to we expending boosts to compensate server failures. Also consider that all mobs database was adjusted based on the characters hitting normally and not at 1hit/sec, so when we say "unplayable" it is not exaggeration. While our first impulse is come here and complain, I t
  12. Inform and teach yourself about the game you are going into. Go to youtube, search for a talk from Torulf Jernström, after imagine that he has not 13+ years of experience on "this kind" of business. While I am sorry by your frustration should say: "Play wiser". Regards
  13. The funny thing is imagine what is going on on the office now... Get that .rar, unpack, override all the files, check the .cfgs (sort of enablequeue = 1)... Cmon!!! We said an hour!!! Time is ticking! Would not like to get on these guys shoes.
  14. Hello. Would like to make "just two" suggestions to make the PK's lifes a bit more fun: 1) Change the requirements from the first 2 exalted quests. The Issue: Every noob "needs" to stay in just 2 specific areas to get the what will allow us to progress, killing that huge ammount of mobs demands a lot of time, so you pratically arrest all the fresh meat in just two maps (Blazing and War Thorns) allowing any 103+ to bully all the server noobs in just 2 neighbors maps. * Suggestion: Make that required marks drop from 93+ mobs, while this will ressemble the "killing boars" situation from
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