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  1. Mana Potions

    Mods, please lock this topic and do 24h ban on uEdwina for creating this garbage post.
  2. Get rid of adena scammers

    Adena SELLERS not scammers. They are not scamming anyone. But yeah, it would be easy for 1 GM to simply log in for 10 minutes, go to every major town's GK and wait for spam, and insta ban. Now those sellers have to wait in 2k queue to get back in to spam again. Doing so every other hour shouldn't be so hard. Unless they are doing so already, then props to them
  3. You don't. You kill everyone else with 52+ party and kill AQ with correct level party.
  4. No worries that it's the first time you play L2. Everyone starts as a newbie. You will learn it the hard way
  5. Are you pretending or are you that dense? I am talking about epics, castles, all endgame locations.
  6. In really long term yes, but in medium or long term no. Those who outlevel others will keep everything on lockdown and others won't be able to obtain anything, until the winning side get so bored that they quit the game and the other side outzergs them and 1:3 and finally starts getting epics and other stuff.
  7. And what exactly is the difference between hitting an npc for 4 hours and simply standing/sitting in town or selling stem for 10k a piece? In that case you should PK half of the server.
  8. And that's actually one of things I kind of like. It keeps you actually playing the game, as logging into the game and running around farm spots searching for enemies only for pvp, gets boring quite quick. Or logging in only for epics/sieges. But doing pve + pvp for farm spots imho is the most interesting aspect of the game.
  9. No surprise there. It explains everything.
  10. NEVER, EVER going to happen, especially since people have already payed for VIPs. It's NC income, they need to earn money, too. Mods, please ban people who post these useless suggestions.
  11. Is this a joke? Of course they are not going to do so. This event is meant as lottery, as a bonus. You farm mobs, run by, maybe get lucky by killing event mob, open maybe like 5 boxes ( NOT 2-FREAKING-HUNDRED boxes ) per day and maybe you get something cool or maybe not and you continue playing, like nothing happened. Event is a bonus, not abuse by 24/7 sitting.
  12. Yeap, I always logged my 3rd box to sit afk next to boss and now I have low-B grade set for my main ready. Now I have to come up with some other uses for it. It is lvl 17, so I guess 3 more levels and afk fishing it is for me.
  13. Thanks at least for something. Unfortunately this is only a tiny fix as it will free up maybe 200 slots tops. I think the next logical thing would be to do daily restarts, which would kick people who are 24/7 online and after a while those people will get tired logging in their chars every morning before work and essentially will free up space over time.
  14. Yeah, we already have one very nice event where couple of hundred people are sitting afk and making queues for other people even longer
  15. Things which CAN be done: Make fishing manual (arguably an option) Remove event monsters (ffs this had to be done like couple of days ago) Daily restarts Open 4th server with free char migration. (not sure if this is already implemented in their system or they do one by one transfer when someone requests. If the latter one, then it's not an option) Kick people who are afk for more than 1 hour (excluding shops ONLY in towns, so you can't abuse AFK system by setting shop in some farm location) Things which CAN'T be done (STOP discussing unreal things): Increase server capacity Limit boxing to 2 or 1 account. (People already payed for boxes to have VIP, plus this is a pure income for NC, that's why they will never do it) Offline shops. (This is custom L2 feature made by private servers and is not a part of official L2 core system. Which means in order to implement it, could take quite a while, if even possible)