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  1. Hi, I ask this because is not specified in the restoration policy. Up until the new policy if a weapon was restored and then was upgraded to a new weapon , then was reenchented and failed , it could be returned once because was conisidered a new weapon. I wanna know if this is still the case. Examplle: If I break a C grade weapon for example and gets restored , several months pass (more than 90 days), then I upgrade weapon to B grade , enchant it and breaks. Is the B grade considered new weapon and eligible for restoration or not? Before new policy it wa
  2. U just need 2 party , one on main pc(main party) , second on laptop (tyrant party) , all chars with macros assist destroyer. Not that hard.
  3. I am one of the persons that DO NOT USE ANY programs , even if others that do the same thing I do use. Macros are enough.
  4. Hi, Be warned that if U create a new account planing to raise the char on that account fast U can get permanent banned for no reason. Happened to me : Created account on the 1st of september , raised in same day from lvl 1 to 76 (1 to 20 from class quests ) , 20 -> 76 raids 3x 5x 6x . Second day try to log to make 3rd class quest .... and get this message when try to log site Due to suspicious activity, this account has been locked. Please contact support at appeal@ncsoft.com. After contacting support@
  5. My opinion is that is good that you made the priest and epics higher lvl and harder to kill , but the drop are like non-existent.What is the point to drop crafting packs of sealed S grade? Make the drop worth wasting the time to kill .... make drop S enchant stable . improved... A good example of how a epic should drop is Zaken before the lvl increase. plenty of weapons / armors / cloth pieces... And another thing : U can make that for low lvl zones instead of droping adena mobs should drop some kind of tokens to be used to buy bound(imprint) items or shots. That w
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