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  1. NEVER. there is nothing to be fixed if they kr server still the same over past years. Welcome to classic
  2. they client will close is showing on character pin so just giving up. not gonna bother myself trying it anymore when they fix it i will log
  3. not really work if your client windows load too fast.
  4. First of all I want yall complaining about p2w to quit. Just do It, Stop crying around and leave. I sure most of the ppl complain do some kind of RMT so, why cant ucant afford buying pendants with cash buy with adena. spot your rmt and spend some Ncoins ? i spent less than 4kk(Adena) to make a pendant lv4. so if u cant afford buy ncoins there is always a way so just Stop crying and leave the game. Regards.
  5. FIRST OF ALL, yall cried that u wanted no macros, so ncsoft removed macros so we all knew that bots would take over the server so why yall complain ? Ncsoft make it easy for botters , u cant even farm them cus ncsoft removed it so ... just enjoy the game or quit . xxx
  6. the 50% exp/Sp adena and drops stooped working. and i think the exp is even less than before I am using rune 50% and it seems that i am not using at all. I hope Ncsoft havent reduce this cus the servers are full of bots and u guys dont do anything about. I really hope it is just a bug.
  7. wait rai talking about mages 50+ killing chars 30+?
  8. it is 30day dual C! but lets see as long as we know there is no such weapon available and probably those kids are exploiting or it is a visual bug .
  9. SO guys lets not give much credit for those people shittin about ncsolf classic. mostly of them are leaving the game already, as expected. I know it is not the same as RU/EU servers so if u played there dont compare to Classic NA. I am doing my shit having fun , playing slow soon or later i will have enough adena to buy my top D stuff but what people dont understand it is low rates meant to be hard and not after 2 weeks 90% of the server be 60+ and full geared. So, what i am trying to say is; if u want to ezi game play there are plenty of illegal servers out there.
  10. C'mmon lads, lets cry less about the karma. dont want waste days cleaning ur karma killing mobs or lose % of exp , just don't do it. It comes from Kr nothing to change. it is is not old l2. by now y'all should have learnt this. L2 classic is not the same as Prelude/C2 .... ! Don't wanna clean u pk just dont pk , easy and simple but if u want to become an red player it is not devs or ncwest problem, init ?
  11. I dont even need to say which server is full off bots already, do I ? ! WE all know. so we know aden is a server that will soon merge to TI also we know 90% of NA players,clans are in TI server so just stop with the excuses . wanna NA players , play on TI cus 99% of aden players are playin there cus they cant login on TI or Giran.
  12. ppl need to know, even if they had not fixed adena /spoil rates ppl will have c items in 2 weeks or so. not so hard to make if u have ur party runing with 14 men party. Casual player or non cp based clans need to complain cus mages CP's will rush level gear . so...
  13. tears !!!!! it was expected, we all know many cry babies will quit before 1 month, for now everything is fine , there is no p2w items so all good. so cant u buy ncoins ? 5$ ? u can be vip 1 for a long time, those guys lv 42+ they are probably mage parties nolifes playing 24/7 so lets not complain about their gear or level if u are a casual player. it is not runes fault.
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