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  1. so lineage2 has turn into a pve game.... killing mobs for what? why ppl want to get 110? to go pvp? the only matter for devs is how ppl should go kill mobs, when was the last time any of u guys got a pvp? the only thing that mantain alive this game is the auto hunt... so relax and watch your toon kill some mobs...and be happy watching how xp porcent goes 0.00010 per mob.... bc that´s all this game is based now
  2. there is no way to play this game anymore, im a player since Freya Chronicle... from that moment till now.. i cant even do blessed my r99 set... and thats like a basic thing to play.. i dont even mention making dark or bloody set... where u can farm stones? gainak? 1 stone per week if u have luck and not a single top tier player is farming... bloody armor stone? 6 or 7 raidbosses that are killed by one eviscerator top geared.... (adena supplier from those black markets for sure). Blessing Scrolls was removed from daily coin rewards.. (daily coins removed also) crafting 1 by 60% chance to
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