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  1. Just wanna thank ncsoft for giving me a reason to quit. God bless ya
  2. I was trying to find an excuse to stop playing with this stupid drop rates.. but now ncsoft just gave me the perfect reason to quit. gg it was fun while it lasted lf a new low rate server pm me if you know any
  3. Bring Back XP Boost*2

    We dont need an event.. We need perma boosted rates in order to give a chance to new players and keep the old players going.. Current rates are completly stupid thats why they created the event in the first place..
  4. R.I.P. Gludio

    Agree with November, enjoy Gludio, its a great server for a more casual style gameplay. Im having a blast so far Merge will happen sooner or later, so chill your asses.
  5. I understand randoms might have a hard time finding a party, but you dont need a full server to have fun, yesterday there were 50 people pvping in Core and was alot of fun ps: stop creating the same topics over and over again
  6. Producer's Letter - January 2019

    @Juji atm we need more then a few words about bots in a letter. Its not a long term resolution but how hard can it be for a GM to log a few hours per day and clean the bots? I wasted 1 hour yesterday training mobs into bots so that i could have my farming spot.. This is becoming unreal
  7. Gludio empty server

    Agree but as i said on previous topics mergin Aden and Gludio will just create another dead server. Aden and Gludio should merge with TI or Giran.
  8. Sorry mate but there is nowhere to go lol thats why even with all the problems people are still around. You eitheir enjoy this classic or unnistall
  9. Actually if there is going to be any merges soon i think mergin aden and gludio might be a waste of time for devs, mergin aden and gludio with giran or TI leaving only 2 classic servers might be the better option.
  10. Banned Accounts?

    Do we even have mods passing the community feedback in forums to ncsoft support? and where the is juji??
  11. Gludio is fine. If you like crowded servers go and reroll on ti/giran.
  12. Aden server is DYING HARDCORE

    Merge wont solve the problem.. people are leaving after 41 because of adena rates and not being able to aford ports..
  13. Really disappointed with this decision, unfortunately this leave me no other option then just stop playing.
  14. Pro tip: uninstall the game