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  1. It would require them to have to actually work if they reached out and communicated about our grievances..I'm sure they're some good GM's..I just haven't seen em on here.
  2. I'd like to buy a clan hall if any of you out there are not really on anymore or looking to sell. I understand the process of auction house but there's always ways of making side deals. Email me in game if you're looking to sell. ALMIGHTY. I'm on Freya server.
  3. I have a sword singer and like he said above the mentor buffs are much stronger buffs than yours at the moment. Basically the game doesn't really start till level 85 and awakened anymore. All of your skills now will be gone after awakened at 85. Just level as fast as you can to get awakened at 85 and start learning your new skills and class. If you need anymore help or you and your friend want to do partys you can join our clan, Infidels in the clan search. It's open for free join. Take care and hope it helped.
  4. Are you reading these Hime? I know you all have...you can clearly see the game is not anywhere as good as it once was. ncsoft employees have become nothing short of lazy for this game..hell, you all can't even update the webpage to correct game play. These few,yes few but majority of responses reflect the game at hand now. You can all get upset about it or you could truly pay attention to our complaints and make it right. You have the choice just as we have the choice to play.. Merry Christmas and Happy New year...no "pc" here.
  5. So I've started a clan called Infidels. It's registered and open for people to join. I've gotten a few that have joined but yet have seen any of them on...why do people join a clan and never get on? Are they just storing their character in my clan till later or what.. I need to boot people I guess so I can hopefully find active, cool people.
  6. Seriously...don't even start with the chest thumping crap.
  7. I completely agree about making it newbie friendly..and by that I mean make more enjoyable being a newbie by (as I said before) allow newbies to TALK..I understand you took this away because of boys shouting etc. I also understand that ncsoft is being lazy on a different type of fix from keeping boys from shouting, so instead they just took away the rights until a higher lvl. You're not going to get new people to stay if they can do nothing until lvl 75..let their be a florishing world again of lower lvls as well as higher levels. This all boils down to money and lazy game makers having more w
  8. I don't want my thread to be mistaken for me suggesting we don't spend money on this game. That's ultimately #1 to ncsoft. My argument is they are completely getting away from the whole point of an r.p.g I have no problem paying them for their services or xtras in game. I have a problem with them changing the game from a free "will" world to a "pc" and regulations after regulations world for the butthurt people. Life is tuff and so should the game. It's a dog eat world and the strong willed survive..
  9. It's because it's boring now...they really killed a great game.
  10. Imo...they've made path to awakened irrelevant.. I'm "awakened" and after also returning find out that you're not as strong s you we're once intended to be.. This game has went from update (nerfing) to update.. Updates re nothing more than taking away what was once was.. we know there should always be changes to a game..but it's left the games intentions in the dust..hell I think they're even bringing in aliens now...(are we playing Eve??) can't wait to see what they think of next.
  11. #1 allow people to talk again in the lower classes.. #2 make lower classes relevant again.. #3 allow pking to be possible and to drop items again.. #4 make leveling more work and reason to have party's again.. #5 stop catering to all the spoiled crybabies... #6 make owning castles,territories and taxes relevant again... #7 Make being part of a clan at all levels relevant again.. #8 as much as you boast bout "Free to play" boast about a "Truelly free world to play in" #9 Bring back true pvp at lower levels..make leveling and equipment you aquire relevant
  12. You're killing the game by not having a classic version...Every person can cry all they want it won't work, but guaranteed it will blow away the game at hand now.. every player from private servers and ones that have left because it's boring as hell now will would be back. You've taken the r.p.g. experience away from the game. It's just boring.
  13. Look...there's gonna be a lot of you that never experienced the real Lineage2 to comment and have negative opinions on this, which really shouldn't matter since you've (again) never experienced it..but I can tell you from playing all of it for the past 10 yrs, it's gotten so far out of touch that people are begging for it to turn back the time. Lineage2 was a huge success back in the first years and it's common sense of why it's not now. I get it..the company has to make money. This whole "free to play" speech is a non seller anymore. We know it's not free to play at it's full potential, so wh
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