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  1. 500 crit rate isn't max. 1500 attack speed isn't max. Why you think there are artifacts and agathons thatbadd to it? And u ever notice when BR is up you magically attack faster even though ur at 1500 attack speed? Come on sly you been playing a long time man. You cant be this naive and such things.
  2. This is why you still exp at AI and not better exp spots. DeX is still very effective for archers. For skill crit rate/dmg until you can afford better augments artifacts agathons and other skill crit modifiers. I find that a ratio of 140 str and 85+ dex is still best for archers until 112+. And can afford the high end skill crit modifiers.
  3. Weak damage. If you dont kill fast enough your mp will drain. Kill faster and mp will stay full.
  4. Can Can have 1 main and 1 dual. No more
  5. +++ for this. Classic weapon appearances are for better looking then the new trash appearances of weapons
  6. Seems the mango and fs snowflakes like most of the snowflakes in the world want everything bended to there needs. Leave the times as is. This is NA server. Move to NAIA if you want euro times.
  7. Seems like a race specific passive skill that pops up. Dont know much about nukers. So couldn't tell you what race gets it.
  8. Posted in wrong section. Go to the classic section part of forums.
  9. When you change class even if you are just changeing to another arch type all rune stone/greater rune stone skills have to be relearned. Yes you will have to buy rune/greater rune stones again. Even if the class share the same skill.
  10. We not gonna get maintenance notes for 2moro? Please extend red libra for 1 or 2 more weeks to get best benefit of exp event. Drop the maintenance notes alrdy!!
  11. Having the same issue when I try to log into my mains master account. Keeps going back to the login screen.
  12. The message comes from communing with the homunculus juju. Yes it is very annoying but cant stop it when ur communed with the juju.
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