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  1. Happy new year all! atleast now on the end of the year pls stop cry...nc staff have family to,think 2 times befor you write ..
  2. yes archer is nerfed again...from today i stop to play here...is enought for me to spent money and time and every time you are fukkked up be the Nc team...is the same on events...thanks @Juji and have fun to play with your gms in game...only archer is the problem in this game no spike, no lag no bugs....have fun
  3. Hi @Juji @Hime can you open server transfer to EU server..then will be more easy for NA players to remain 10 on bouth servers!
  4. hello @Juji @Hime why you put time on items(real attack ...) from drop list when is payed with real money and is not extra thing just to open a box? after you get bad drop from thouse chest you put an item with time there to low our chances more...i hope you and your team atleast will fix that
  5. Yeah i chouse what i do with me wallet but...but how to grow your gear and to get items if your events give only buffs,silenite,scrolls,luc pots and some low items farmable in pi.And now @Juji tell me from where to get top items to make good pvp with mobs not players?,,is hard to get something here i see when you dont use "adena"and items from black market and u just try and try on your events to get something.....I know is your bussines to get money for company but in general u need to understand soon will be only 100 ppl max on your server,the only ppl who in the past was boting or using
  6. https://ibb.co/j84jtys Hello @Juji @Hime....i just try to see if something was changed on your events and i said lets try 200 chests....and i think was money throwed on window again, because u put so nice items there with 0.00000000001 chance to get.Is just enought for me for the past year on events i get same shit reward buffs buffs and some low items like scrolls and etc.For that reason i think i will stop to invest me money in your game and maybe i will do what many players did just to quit and search another game...because i think the staff instead to make something for us to get fun in ga
  7. no more words but today i understand why on all events i invest real money and dont get nothing...is good to know for next events to stop put money because you have no chance to get something with "luck".Have a good day/ night.
  8. i know is just one example,because was almoust same ppl
  9. is the same like in the past dont forget about shilen +10 ,clock +20 and so on...
  10. yes ncwest fault but why all the time same people do the exploit befor all to notice?
  11. is the same when some people "find" the info about next events and try to have big benefits and when you find info about the event all the things are expensive....but all know this and 90% off this people are the same like with gready chest and so on(using 3 rd programs) with gm "friends".....
  12. I hope i get one answer and no to delete me topic.....just need to think i played on this event and was hard to get a +13-14 weapon from event and from exchange you get bulshit...to get something good was after 16+ hard to get here,and now you get claw or dw for low enchants after the event end that no more words,,,,,
  13. If now after this exploint we dont have some ban then is no reason to play here anymore.Exploint is from bouth sides the players and the ppl from behind the server who have acces to make changes to server.Because us like normal players who invest real money in game dont get nothing.If nothing will happen that mean all the people from the past said true about the scam company and big coruption for some big players like on naia .Like that guy on naia who know the issue and buyed all the chest from players before another one to notice....And now i come back with me question :Worth anymore to in
  14. hi...yes lag after lag ...skills lag.... For ncwest team is more ok to be a scam company for wallets on events ...they dont care to fix something,and i just belive they dont look on forum and on ticket just give standard messages ...i think is a big shame for ncwest
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