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  1. Warehouse between characters

    Would not recommend that in our overpopulated server
  2. Short hair for elf female

    Cloaks will make a pony tail, but we don't have those yet. Also curious about fancy hair
  3. Song and Dances Multibox

    If you are going to be SR u'll have a Sprint so np, but PP will have a great variety of buffs for physical DD.
  4. kill the dualbox!!!

  5. Song and Dances Multibox

    I believe it was posted that songs and dances will last 5 mins. Imho if you are gonna solo or duo, i'd make a PP if anything bigger than definitely WC.
  6. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    Or just make fishing actually Classic when you couldn't afk and get fish oil and crap as rewards.
  7. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    10 day poles of first wave are about to expire so hopefully the fishing hype will pipe down. And GMs didn't need to do anything! Lol, wish they removed fishing as they extended queue so we wouldn't have to have such a masochistic weekend. This was not a solution we were looking for. Remove the event raid bosses, so people can play already and please get rid of fishing for good, please! @Hime
  8. Fishing for 30lvl+ ONLY

    I would say make fishing for VIP only like Japan does. We need to disable it at least temporary.
  9. Agree on that. Diplomatic relations play it's role and when things go south it's an average citizen who suffers whether it's traveling, doing business or playing international servers of video games. Unfortunately Ukrainian players getting short end of the stick on this one. And again about language issues: I like to think of natural tendency to speak one official language in a "small" gaming community. Yes, there are people who don't want to and yes, there are people who are irritated by it. And hell yes, there will be hateful comments due to abrasive nature of internet personas. It's part of the fun sometimes, as long as you can grow thick skin. It has always been like that.
  10. Ye! I love the aspect of L2 that lets you know more people and their cultures It's very cool when people want to find common grounds.
  11. If the game is fully in English (game menus, dialogues, support, forums, etc) it does force people to learn at least some. I know a lot of people who learnt English via L2 or enhanced it immensely.
  12. Agree! Also want to repeat that people do that because of the same problems: 1. Can't login for hours with a non-vip client might as well not log out. 2. Rewards i.e. drop/spoil/adena (And please GMs only consider these as a package deal!) is so pathetically small that it is more rewarding to stand around and wait for box with potential drop than waste your time working on anything in game. Maybe remove fishing at least temporary? There will be less incentive to stay logged. Offer free transfers to new Aden server, also may direct traffic. Could have given us more free soulshots/spiritshots so we can enjoy game for a hot minute? Or if you knew that game is going to be rates 1x as promised @Juji could spawn us some NPC with rate boosting buffs while it's being worked on via Devs (that of course if we ever knew it's getting fixed...). Probably won't have that much traffic anyway soon, people already were going on stand by. Meanwhile we are drinking coolaid, my pretty VIP 4 is ticking away. I'm glad I didn't enable one of pre-launch 30$ packs so there is a potential refund. Thanks to @Hime for stepping up in our swamp of agony, I guess you can see how critically wrong this launch has gone now.
  13. That feeling when a jammed finger gets smashed again next day.
  14. If this is true ..

    I don't need Missions and new dance moves, take free teleportation too. Give me adena/spoil/drop rates! I can live without new fancy UX, but I can't go on being poor as a church mouse.
  15. If this is true ..

    Or Bone Fragments?