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  1. Thank you for completely missing the point. Did you read where you shouldnt have to pick one or the other? How is the xp in GC compared to LOA? How is the adena in the same spots? TOI has adena making potential yet have you taken into account the cost of the gear required in running a party there? Is it sustainable? I have no issues fighting for spots. The issue is there are people who play this game that cannot defend their parties 24/7 and there are others that can. There are vast amounts of space on the map and zones we know about with new content that are not being introduced or offe
  2. How are we supposed to play this game with no ability to make adena from farming? It cannot be choose one or the other. If you want good xp you get no adena. If you want adena you dont get good xp. Why is there no balance? Why are the hardest places to hunt not giving the highest rewards? You have created so many adena sinks in this game that adena is scarce. Thhe market is drying up and people are not buying items. You have taken away our ability to sell soul shots, sell drops, sell mats, so how do you expect us to make adena in order to afford the shots you sell in the store as another
  3. need to increase the amount of mobs available to kill.....many hunting spots are just empty with no mobs.
  4. Two things wrong with the new system. Reds being able to revenge kill. Reds not being able to port around. PKs are an important part of this game
  5. could not agree more. this change made absolutely no sense. Especially for people who need to run 2 parties just to make adena. Whoever said lets fix this by making them double their electricity consumption and make them buy a new pc should be drawn and quartered!
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