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  1. this is the new event... https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/654944/
  2. try to put thats dns... primary and secondary
  3. SOLVED... i change my DNS for default google dns.. ( and and it works!
  4. i have this error when i run the launcher.. https://puu.sh/CboEB/a5f62f0918.png
  5. i need exp curve for that version of the game.. i see a lots tables but... its wrong exp... look https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/536649/ lvl 36 need 30kk exp? its impossible...
  6. im a elven wizard 35.. my best place is Gorgon flower Garden, with empo, wind walk and shield and blunt top D or something like that.. u can make AOE alone... yesterday i make 4kk exp and 360k adenas, alone, in that place.
  7. bro... go and play some server x99 exp
  8. yes.. i know... but ... at least for 1 month we can farm very well adenas and exp for the future
  9. Thanks for the event... i love the bonus adena and exp... 3.000.000 exp and 280.000 adenas in a few hours https://puu.sh/CaRRI/63be2d7911.png
  10. wha thappen if the devs fix the adena drop? and i decide go for spellsinger ? T_T i dont know what to do right now and i need start the 2da class transfer
  11. so... im lvl 35 right now... i was thinkin go for SPS is the best option... i have S.E lvl 35 aswell
  12. In lvl 40 we can craft Beast SS ? https://puu.sh/CaaeP/345666c7c4.png
  13. i have an elven wizard lvl 28, what buffer is worth for me? i think E.E for Clarity but that skill i can learn in lvl 58...
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