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  1. I also have big delays since last restart. Want to know do they want to fix it or if they will not care like with bots, probably I will find another game to spend time
  2. Generally Vip doesn't matter here I think important thing is that when people create a lot of accounts, more than 3, and NC team can't do anything to stop it. And of course it's funny when some ppl got 10 weapons and you didn't get nothing in the same amount of time. Nice. Next event will be with AQ/Baum rings? Some players will make 100 accounts
  3. Do you thinkis it good that some guys have 10 accounts and took already 3 or more weapons while you can't take even one? And why it allows them to make 10 accounts?
  4. I play lineage since 2008 and I know a lot about korean random but why do you make this event, when some guys take 2-3 top weapon, and you with your Vip3-4 can't even receive a stupid EWD??? Is it egual in your opinion? I didn't waste even 1 day since this event started, I opened boxes everyday from all my 3 accounds and what? nothing. So why should we play this game if you make it unegal?
  5. Hi NCSoft, maybe you will do something to fix the problem with disconnecting after teleport to the city? I just wanted to buy supplies and the game was disconnected, now I'm waitinbg in queue 840... Why should I waste my time of yours mistakes? Also why should I wait in queue when million bots still farming?
  6. If Aden will be full, will you open 4th server?
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