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  1. I didn't vote b/c my dream is one giant persistent world for all. Some games do have it. And that option is missing here so...
  2. no also because I never play mains only boxes!!
  3. and hope our blocked list doesn't fill up lol
  4. maybe..but it sends all the receipts to my account email with my account name on it, so it has to be buying on that account. but then it sends to the other... like I said I was careful to log out and relog in with the right account, especially after the first time. I did think it was my mistake, but I don't think so now.
  5. just relogged and got a mini update, any idea what it was?
  6. toon im logged in as, then it sends me to the site.
  7. when u get hmm 25 or something u can unlimited summon, then u gonna kick their ass
  8. Has anyone else had this happen? I will put a ticket, just to hopefully make sure it doesn't happen again...its just a support ticket from what I'm seeing takes a week or more... I would just purchase more and save the other ncoins for later, but now im nervous it will just continue to happen.
  9. karma is just a system of punishment/payment for pk. if you pk you go red, then you have to wash/work off the karma to go white=kill many mobs or die. if you have 4? or more pk points and you die..then u can drop items. if u just hit someone u go pink. to get rid of pk points have to use sin eater. hope it helps, I am not pro.
  10. I don't know anything about servers, unless waiters/waitresses, maybe they need to order them from china or somewhere. as far as merge goes, who really cares, just get the dam servers to accommodate and then merger later and sell the servers for all I care.
  11. http://l2.laby.fr/status/ it is f2p. you insist on playing a full server so it is your choice.
  12. bots are not essential, get real. also we can't use the bot button in a peace zone, wouldn't help anyways. just don't buy from them. would like to see a white chat ban after so many texts/second though holy crap! nc could just under sell them and make it a no profit endeavor = problem solved.
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