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  1. Lvl 80 Subclass

    Hi guys I certified my subclass lvl 80 hyrophant and now its stuck at 80 and cant get any XP when hunting. How can I get xp again?Pls help... I tried to cancel certification to no avail lost 10million . What Gives? Can anyone help?
  2. Wisp quest

    The Shadow of terror Quest to get agathion, How can we capture A wisp?
  3. Wisp quest

    How can I capture a wisp using glimmer crystals?
  4. Little wing quest

    Thank you Diver I got the description online and know what to do! Good Gaming to all!!!!
  5. Little wing quest

    Thanks anyway I was able to finally get a hatchling through wyvern suzet at deathpass got 20 eggs with the breca orcs overlords and now my hatchling is redy to be a strider level 55 but i couldnt find the fairy trees so my pet can evolve mimyu said its around elven forest but I couldnt find any fairy tree? Please help Thank you
  6. Little wing quest

    Hi i am able to talk to the wyrm near oren castle got 20 scale but I could not find any leto lizardmen that got the eggs Ive been circling around to no avail. Please help me find those leto lizardmen that got the eggs, where are they I could not see any on the area pls help