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  1. Shilen shop's coming - they're gonna loose value massively.
  2. As previously mentioned you're doing something wrong. Spend 15 usd a month for the prestige pack and you'll get your SS cost back and then some. If you can't afford that, you're playing the wrong game. Also, I see a lot of people farming wrong. Depends on the class obviously, but almost all classes can aoe farm, single target farming just simply isn't effective.
  3. You're always better off just buying the already made thing, unless you have a dedicated enchanter with a ton of luc and a maphr shirt. 20 bil gets you a +7 cloak.
  4. Nah, I like my feoh and I kill similarly geared Yuls with ease. Do they farm better? Sure, since my crit is capped at 33%. But that doesn't stop me solo farming Billions of adena in IoS everyday. It is what it is. Remember - tyrrs were underpowered a few years ago, look at them now. But at least the nerf balanced them a little.
  5. I like them since they will make players farm easier (make gems cheaper and more available), what I don't like is: - the non-random spawn points and bots. - they made the La Vie event just a few weeks prior, making it extremely expensive, and then "poof" de-value everything people worked for. - how this was introduced as a "catch-up" feature. You need to spend massive amounts of money to even be able to kill them. And before you say "learn the game" - can kill them easily, most of lower geared friends cannot, even with what I'd say is decent gear ( +12 bloody krishna weap e
  6. Mail auhto is a safety measure. Would be good if they added the option to use an authenticator app tho, much safer. They have it on Blade and Soul as far as i know. Skill learning is problematic since you need rune stones, gr. rune stone, forgotten books etc. to learn some of them, and at lv.108+ you can't learn all skills at once when you lvl up, since the SP cap is 50b, you need to choose which to learn first.
  7. I mean you can't expect to win fights with exalted gear, let's be honest here. It's a P2W game, you need to spend at least some money.
  8. Just try and do single target, you'll move to BS at 99 anyway.
  9. Weenz0x1

    solo play

    Well feoh or yul. As for ISS hierophant if you're gonna play solo.
  10. Check first when buying? You can ask for a refund if you haven't opened the boxes yet.
  11. @Whatif Yep, you're right. A friend was looking for them, found one and he couldn't kill it. And he has "decent" gear (+12 bloody weap etc.) I could kill it easily, but i'm not the person that would need them. This wasn't implemented as a catch up feature, this was implemented so that lower players see the cheap lv.5 jewels on the AH and spend money on the NCStore, it's quite smart actually
  12. I know the frustration. It's not really that well known to be honest, but at least you know for the next time. Hope you didn't loose too much money
  13. It really depends how much you're willing to spend and what you already have.
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