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  1. yes, this fixes the issue, thank you Juji. The only small issue remaining is that you have to get only 1 stack from the warehouse, and then get the next one so they stack. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHOStM2sq9w
  2. There are two types of the card Aspiring Orc Ruler of Aden. Having at least 90 of one type and trying to change them to a different card disconnects the client. Reproducing rate - 100% https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SzAB7nAFZQ
  3. try ALT+L, this will reset your view to default.
  4. don't care about the Black Friday thing. If you are not investing money into this game regularly, there is no point to argue. Game is still good for passing time in these hard times. If everybody could stop being so negative, maybe something would change. As it is for now, I am happy with the game as it is. Free stuff for newbies, if you want new gear, you need to invest some money. If you want to power lvl in 1 week to 110 and have +++++ gear or dragon weapons, then I am sorry to say but you are asking to become the CEO of Microsoft, so expect to pay big money, nothing is free in this world.
  5. Yes, i was about to post the same thing. My GPU usage before last patch was about 15% Now it is using 50% of it if "Optimize Performance is unticked" Clearly there is a memory leak somewhere or something that is faulty. I have the lowest settings on my game and NPC / PC range is set to minimum, so this clearly indicates that the resources are not correctly used.
  6. Hello, LVL 102 is fine. To make money you have to reach 104 99% and look for a Mentor that can buy your mentee. These sell for 350kk - 500kk (maybe even more, depends on the demand). As for rune stone, i am in the same situation as you, slowly building my chars. Currently bought 8 and learned a skill on my buffer, and another 3 with this current event, learing another skill on my bufer. Buffs are more important than Items at this level. In your case it is understandable that you need your golem first. BTW, make a dual box buffer if solo hunting. This is mandatory.
  7. are you attacking mobs while you are trying to change class? You have to be in peaceful mode without any damage skill toggled (e.g. Rolling Thunder).
  8. Edit: NPC name is Kiki, small mistake.
  9. you will get profit, but you have to farm a lot. Best way for soulshots is to craft them, don't buy them from player shops as they are cheaper to craft. 1.Go to Aden, Options > Find private store, look for "CRY". 2.If you find a good Cry R seller with prices between 19k-22k / R crystal, buy as many as you can. I usually buy 500 at a time, but if you are low on cash, buy at least 50. 3.Don't buy Spirit Ore from Aden! Use your aghation TP to Giran skill, and do /target Riki 4.Buy Spirit Ore from Riki (Mineral trader) since they are cheaper. For each 500 soulshots
  10. thank you @Aleppo for your detailed reply. I made a Hiero sub on my DC, and am currently farming adena for rune stones for POM. Still there is a downside to this switch, as DC has Freezing Flame which stacks with Crippling Attack, and Hiero lacks this skill. Basically the power of POM is offset by the -pdef that Freezing Flame gives. I use both my main dd and the box to debuff / hit the target. Will test once i finally get POM and see the results. But in the future, I would love to get Chant of Bison + enchanted +20 (crazy amounts of adena needed for this to happen), just t
  11. Hello, Very noob question, but here it goes. What exactly does Chant of Bison do and why does it have 5 minutes active / 10 minutes cooldown when Prophecy of might has 5 min active 5 min cooldown? Screenshot from the live server + l2wiki: Is the L2wiki outdated? Does this skill give +15% P. Atk, +15% P. Skill damage, +15% M. Skill damage and Crit rate for all, or does it give only Crit rate + Crit damage? It is pretty confusing. Also, I don't have an Iss Hierophant to make a correct comparison, but L2wiki provides the following info: So the Hiero has 24/7 POM
  12. i ain't even mad. The people raging here are raging for no reason. The server will be back in 1h, 1h people. You are all addicted to this game and act like junkies.
  13. There is a spawn point in Desert Quarry that has cluttered mobs which can only be attacked with ranged attacks / skills and taunted with Provoke. I do not think the spawning location is intentional. There are also some spots in the Blazing Swamp (usually on rocks) where this issue happens. Can it be fixed?
  14. Hello, Maybe noob question here, but as the system says, I never ever seen any vitality replenish from the server. Do I have to be in a peaceful zone for this to work? Today is Wednesday, Server time is already 7 AM, no replenished vitality yet. Thank you, Xel
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