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  1. Some sage people think some other people here ask questions for relate their lives,is so sad but is the reality. Happens to me on this forum. As for your questions,sorry i have no idea.
  2. Please do not remove the event coins that we already had,in part,we wanted the event extension for get more coins for get the valakas necklace. I had 300+ and i am level 43,at level 45 and 50,plus the 7 days (1500 monster hunt reward) ,i have more than enough for get the necklace. And as you see,there are more people needing the coins. Some other people have already 680 coins,like the guy above,just one more day of hunting and he would have the necklace. Same as much people. Other people,losed time with lags and disconnects and had no time to get to 50,and some other people are late for t
  3. Guys,we wanted the event extended for one week,some of us due lag and disconnects,others for we are late,those last ones get low event coins for get the valakas necklace,i had 300+ event coins,i only needed 1 week more for get the valakas necklace,and now they have been removed the coins...
  4. I wanted to extend the celebration event,due i was late to get the valakas necklace due low coins amount,and now you have been removed them...
  5. How we know that you are not lieing in this last message? Maybe you say this for get medals and not getting the event one more week... But do not worry,the event will not be extended,and you have your orgasm,profit.
  6. I have another characters,but since the event ends,i will focus on the cleric who have the valakas necklace,the cleric account is from 2006 and i get 700 event coins in one hit. Bot do not worry,i already found a clan who help me.
  7. SAY IT!!! You do not want to extend the event one more week. Is easy to say,we have no problem to hear and we do not judge you. But some people want one more week of event due disconnects and lags,just as me,and some other people want the event one more week because they are late.
  8. I am currently level 36,leveling using only the white ball skill,is just annoying in alligator island,my mp run out of mana very quick,i can not kill even 3 npcs and get only 1% of XP bar every ENTIRE mana bar. I am looking for a constant party who need a healer,for those levels to forward,i have C grade armor,weapon,jewels,dragon pendant level 2,taurus agation +3 and the valakas necklace of the event. I have no idea where i can kill undead at this level. Pm or mail Ximinett for info.
  9. Make tickets for this petition,i will do it too. One another week of the event will be wonderful.
  10. Today i did 2 pvps in ant nest with my elven summoner level 35,the first one was an orc raider pk,so whatever he tryes i always win,but i had not the balls to kill him,he uses moon heavy armor and free duals,so i must leave him free for anyelse kills him,either he had not the balls to kill me,so was a tie. The second pvp was with an orc shaman who was stealing my npcs without manner mode,i always have manner mode if i see people around me hunting,but this orc not,so i did to him a warning,i hit with the staff and i leave. The orc runs back to me and he uses drain to me,so i must defe
  11. Update. I already traded the spellbook for free,thanks to the guy who traded me. So now i sell those books for 1kk each,pm or mail Ximoner in game for buy one if you need it.
  12. Update. I already traded it for free,thanks to the guy who traded me. So now i am selling those spellbooks,for 1kk each. Pm or mail Ximoner in Giran server if you want to buy one.
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