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  1. So I was in Ashen Revolutionaries when the server went down. That's about 60T xp I can not make up now that I have a reset timer on. Not to mention I spent money for the boosts to get to 1278%, which seems to be, oh were sorry please spend more tomorrow to make up for today once more sorry for the inconvenience. Why not reset instance timers that were within 10 min of server coming down? How is that fair? I'm sure no GM will reply
  2. But how do you know if there was really a winner?
  3. How do we really know if there was a winner? And if your reply is "just trust us" I don't find a valid answer. Why not be more transparent and post the winners online, so we know someone really won. What are you hiding, just like you're hiding your enchant success rates. Just to suck people deeper into the game and spend endless money with no real gain. All I'm saying is the carrot and the stick trick.
  4. I would really just like a refund for the cloak scroll pack I got and whatever other items associated with it you can take back. I know that you are exploiting's people addictions and lower the success rate every event. To maximize your profits knowing people will blindly dump money into this. I know myself I want keep going, but I have to come to realization it what it is, a way to extort money from people. Federal minimum wage is 7.25 based on that you have to work approx. 1 full day for the average American to pay for that pack and to have nothing to show for it. What type of game is desi
  5. Can you please release the success rate for the cloak event? Also release the prior cloak event rates. Seems you're punishing people that didn't take part in the prior cloak events.
  6. I second this it should let you have the option to upgrade if you want.
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