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  1. WTB Chant of Vampire, Chant of Rage, and Chant of Movement. COD to DestroyerThor
  2. Buying all 8 karmian stocking designs. 15k each. Total of 120k. COD or "DestroyerThor
  3. L2 wiki isn't an accurate source. Traditionally, some levels had hidden "walls" that required more exp than previous levels. 55-->56 should be one of those levels since level 56 is a major level for most classes where they learn very important skills. You'll find these "walls" throughout your leveling. But that's if its based on the old experience system 19--->20, 39--->40, 51--->52, 60--->61.
  4. I'm VIP 4 on two accounts and I've gotten 3 weapons just between the two accounts. Just random. Welcome to Lineage 2 RNG
  5. 1.) Pet does not take any EXP 2.) Yes. Summoner is still good at level 40 with a SE buffing. VR will help keep summon alive, DW and focus for more damage, and stigma from SE will make pet do more damage. SE can also recharge you since summoners keep their nuke.
  6. Is there any way to move shots purchased through the store to another character on the same account? They're untradable so i cant mail, and they don't show up through the dimensional merchant.
  7. Except the other servers are full during peak times too, with queue times Just tested to make sure. Had a queue on both Aden and Giran. So transferring servers isn't the best solution. Maybe if they opened a 4th server (maybe 5th since we don't know exactly how many people are waiting to play) then you can offer free server transfers.
  8. Take away automated fishing. Simple as that. There's probably hundreds, upwards to a thousand people fishing. Take that away and that should help reduce queue times significantly. No reason to limit number of boxes. Just don't let people AFK fish. This won't diminish the entire queue line, but it'll help a lot.
  9. This is kind of petty but it would be dope if the class icons when in party didnt all look like the fighter icon. I just hate scrolling over to see what type of class somebody is playing
  10. I mean, been playing since 2005 but just a thought.
  11. So I see everybody complaining about exp/drop/adena/exp loss rates and so forth. Instead of calling GMs frauds and blaming them for purposefully doing it, have you ever thought maybe it's a bug? Maybe they know about it and are currently working to fix it? I mean we all saw how much trouble they were having just opening the server. I'm honestly surprised there aren't more major bugs. Like I said, just a thought. Rather than thinking they cheated you.
  12. There's no Ertheia class in classic. Ertheia was added later after GOD update
  13. I wouldn't worry too much about it. I would recommend finding a clan or CP. It's a game that requires you to play with people, so solo never really works. These guys that want to set up 6 computers just want to run two whole parties by themselves and not interact with people. You can play with just your main, but I would start looking into getting a clan or meeting some people. That will be the most effective, and overall fun way to play the game.
  14. They will have soulshots for pets, but it looks to be they are 75 adena per 1 shot
  15. The mats aren't even able to purchase with real money though. You have to have VIP 3 or 4, and then get silver coins from grinding. It's not like you can just drop $50 and get a new B grade weapon or anything. You're still gonna have to farm for it
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