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  1. @Juji and what about the dyes and adventure buffs? We only get knight... And the other broken things, when u fix them?
  2. Dye powder

    @Juji have a question for u, where we can buy the dyes powder now? I search and i cant find them Oo
  3. Sword Zariche

    Now i get it ty Dawe
  4. Sword Zariche

    The question is the Owner of sword TELEPORT US to town,We dont use nothing any scrolls.... And that its weird,and i think the sword its to kill not to teleport ppl whos farming to town and that is the main point...
  5. Sword Zariche

    @Juji I have a question... Why the owner of sword of Zariche teleports all parties farming to town? I don't get it... The propose its killing right? Can u explain plz... My question seems silly, but I'm curious about that, ty
  6. Angel Cat

    Juji sweety, we cant get angel cat, fix it or remove it, ty
  7. Oriana Event

    I log on Naia 10 am Europe time, and till now no coins, means no prizes.... I think for a random stuff Naia its losing big and this quit unfair...😡
  8. Naia DOWN

    In Portugal the same server down....
  9. Oriana Event

    Sweety u dont play anymore.....And to u everthing its ok Realy u never gonna change
  10. Oriana Event

    So to whom is this event for? In Naia 5h,and nothing.... This is a huge faill for us players, waste of time waiting a big nothing.. No coins no prizes... Im so disapointed...
  11. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    Can someone in charge explain if any kind of VPN give perma ban? Because u guys dont gives us any kind of help ,only to have patience,im running out of patience,I invest to many time and some money playing,so hime,juji gives us some of our time and talk to us,i think we deserve more than u guys are given till far....Talk to us,explain to us what is happen,tikets dont solve anything its a waste of our time,WE NEED ANWERS...Ty
  12. Connectivity Issues Update - 1/15

    so u turn of and dont disconect? ok thats not true,but ty
  13. Connectivity Issues Update - 1/15

    Another update when i try to log,but still enable to pass log server....
  14. Connectivity Issues Update - 1/15

    @Hime i have a question for u, the using of windscribe a vpn who changes our IP ,gives us perma ban? Because i heard some ppl get perma ban for using that its true? Waiting for ur reply,ty