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  1. A possible solution for queue.

    There is only one solution, revert to P2P, this game was designed this way and it was best !
  2. This people try to cripple "classic" Lineage 2. They just want to have second LIVE "classic" ... Personally don't like idea: Classic = LIVE, just pay for everything ... :-)
  3. yum dont even play NA classic, just ignore TROLL :-)
  4. [POLL] Create P2P server

    Go and share voting link with your friends :-)
  5. Next TROLL just lock.
  6. Please ignore the complaints!

    Next TROLL just lock ..
  7. L2 Fraud

    30USD 3 months you TROLL ...
  8. [POLL] Create P2P server

    Just vote, it is simple :-) https://www.strawpoll.me/16592721
  9. [POLL] Create P2P server

    I am not sure, if they can do P2P, but lets gather more votes :-) PPL go vote. https://www.strawpoll.me/16592721
  10. [POLL] Create P2P server

    Vote more ! :-)
  11. Regarding low exp/drops

    Or, they promote 1x rate, so NA is joke rate ...