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  1. @Argus thanks for your response as well! You really think I will manage to recover all this sp in few days straight of farming in ev or refinery with 200%sp? I’ll definitely try that! I think I’ve got 4 days left at my rune so I’ll do that!
  2. @Pleistoros I get your point now and I think I know what is my problem! The problem is that my stats (the points you get every lvl and you update) are still as wiz (had no sp to rest them :D) plus I have no dyes bcs I have chgd my dual a couple of times Before and as you can see I get bored easily and want something else! Might be affecting my overall char I guess! I think if I had forseen this coming I would have used my sp more wisely at least to be able to recover it quicklier... for now the only thing that would save me it would be time and patience... which I don’t
  3. Guys honestly!! first of all to get 107 with xp scrolls you need more than 200b adena! Who would honesty do that! I used xp runes and sp runes and it took me almost a year to get to 107! However having skills enchanted at +17 and +21 you realize how much fails it takes and how much sp you waste! thats how you don’t get enough sp! Plus as the guy said before max sp isn’t enough! Something I didn’t know!
  4. So the problem with the skills I’m mentioning is the passive skills. That’s where I loose all my power. If you don’t have those skills technically you are not the level is written. secondly, regarding why hellbound and not enchanted valley or mahum or silenos or atelia refinery or any of those is first I get more sp per hour if I kill mobs quickly as I do in hellbound second all those areas you mentioned have immunity to Daggers half kill etc, which means more effort by my char more ss less sp per hour most probable death at some point. Honestly I’m getting desperate! I’m working so
  5. So I tried Tanor and was a fail!! I can kill them but definately not in macro. I double check my skills and actually the skills are 101lvl not 102. Thats why my char cant hit for shit! I end up on hellbound again all night and no sp even for 1 skill ^^
  6. Thank you Argus yeah that’s correct. I was a feoh before. So I’ll give it a try later to see how is the SP in those areas. I’m sure it’s gonna take a while but hopefully i will be able to regenerate the sp. I still haven’t found an efficient way of macroing with othell and iss. As a feoh you don’t need to move so you can use your iss but with othell that moves all the time and fast the iss loose you after awhile and you end up dead!!
  7. @Pleistoros the truth is that last time I played the game in alligator Island I was exping 20lvl chars. I realized they changed it but I wouldn’t dare to go since my char kills mobs in rift 100 with two-three hit when I should be doing one hit. I’m othell now. when talking about little help what do you mean? I have my iss with Pom plus Taurus. Is that the help you are talking about or you mean party? is the sp given there good? I haven’t tried it so I don’t know
  8. First of all thanks for your replies. maybe I didn’t mention it correctly, I did use the 7day 200% sp rune and after of 1 day macro xp in hellbound I didn’t manage to collect sp even for 1 skill. My gear is not the best but ain’t bad either +10 set and +12 weap 7s insanity etc still the char with 102 skills is pretty much 102lvl actually so I can’t go to elven for xp I would be 1hit ko. if it would be 1 hour sp farm I wouldn’t even mention it but mobs give you 1m sp at best and I need 200m sp for 1 skill at 102lvl. So imagine how much sp you will need for 107 skill. I need
  9. Hi, I have recently changed my dual class with the Red Libra event. The problem is that my subclass is 107lvl. As you understand it took years of exp to get there and trillion of SP. I didn’t remember how much each skill costed (I mean who really pays attention to this especially if it’s gonna take almost a year with normal exping to get there) and now I can get my skills up to lvl 102-103. I opened a ticket to NC about the matter but of course the ignored me. I didn’t ask for any refund for the skills I got to +20 or the rune stones spend. I only asked for some SP just to get my char pl
  10. WTS Sapphire Lv. 4 WTS Cat’s Eye Lv. 3 WTS Amethyst WTS Tanzanite WTS Obsidian WTS Pearl WTS Brooch Spirit Stone WTS Jewel Grinder PM or Mail me in game: iMalekith or reply here
  11. WTS Lv. 4 Sapphire sealed or you seal depends on the price you want. _________________________________ WTS/T Dark Retributer +10 3SA for Dark Dual Daggers +103SA or Dark Dual Daggers +12 2SA or just sale _________________________________ Name in game: iMalekith pm or mail me in game or respond here
  12. max23


    Dark Robe Set sold
  13. WTS/T Dark Retributer +10 3SA for Dark Dual Daggers +103SA or Dark Dual Daggers +12 2SA or just sale Name in game: iMalekith pm or mail me in game or respond here
  14. max23


    WTS/WTT Dark Eternal Robe set +10 for Light and also +10 Dark Retributer 3SA for Dual Daggers. You can contact me here for offers or in game through mail or pm char name: iMalekith
  15. when will it be done upgrade items hero coins???
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