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  1. Provisional Clan Halls aren't In.

    Auction Clan Halls were not ready and they do share the same NPC. When will be rdy?
  2. Kiss of Eva - Broken Skill

    Did u get the same amount of dmg eache shot? Try 50 times ten try with buff but wgen uhit 200 or 300 5% is 10 or 20 dmg more... Realy buddy :D?
  3. Tons of exo... Pls on siege u will lose much mooore, that why u hot daily for scrol exp, not big deal glad to die, not becuse of lags but still u are closer to buy skills SP is a priblem no lvl
  4. Kiss of Eva - Broken Skill

    no M atak, m skills power, so u will not see this in ur stats
  5. We need SP too....

    the main reason of this scrolls for exp is that u will lose exp points on siege, so they add this, stop cry abut sp u will lose so many exp in the future, so stop think "im hight lvl i dont want lose any of my exp"
  6. VIP

    u need to use l2Story and use ur NCcoins in game then u will get NC points and after first "wall" u hit 1lvl of vip, so yes u need to login to the game first
  7. dyes max +12 or +5?

    Wrong! max for one stat from dyes is +12 but for now its buged, DEV team will fix this, but for now stay on +4 on one, dont froze ur money dude
  8. Areas to lvl up until 19?

    make quests, lvl 20 its 2 or 3h of game

    Its normal, its saturday
  10. We need SP too....

    Dude did u know u will need 100k for one skill after 40 :)? So 400k is too low
  11. YouTube, but without AdBlock, dude realy u didint get it xD?
  12. U can listen spotify free but u have comercials, so its best free app for music, but vip (subs) got better quality and no comercials, like better queue on l2 ncsoft, am i wrong?
  13. Nerds, good to see better queue for paying ppl then free players, its normal its how world works...
  14. What kind of classic is this?

    Skelth was 0,6 adena/exp.. And no reward for eachce lvl because that was 1.0
  15. L2 Fraud

    P2p is 30$ per 30 days. Now buy ss for 30$ Do u want all free?