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  1. Pathetic. First week or two was fun reliving some fond memories now it aint even worth it anymore. Haven't logged in since the beginning of the month and after this announcement I will uninstall when I get home cause its clear this game will not be enjoyable anymore. Shouldn't have to stay in the 20s level range to actually play this game. I never had to do it 14 years ago and I certainly won't do it today. Least you won't have to worry about the forums being spammed about the queue now. Good job ruining the servers and they aren't even 2 months old yet.
  2. What server did you play on? Cause on all my years on Bartz and Hindemith I have NEVER seen ANYONE buying or selling mats for the prices you stated lmao
  3. Well played. By only increasing specific spots not only will you funnel players and bots into those areas everywhere else will be deserted and not sustainable at all. Sigh just give us a server with a subscription model so you guys can stop d*cking around with the rates.
  4. My guess? To keep their character in battle mode so they will not get dced.
  5. For a pro you are sure getting roasted here lol. As others have said she has always aggro'd people. Many of us found out the hard way back then. She made me drop my full plate armor and I raged so hard. Thankfully I got back quickly to pick it up.
  6. My apologies there then but I believe most people who are still complaining about the Adena are talking about the 40+ range. If for some strange reason people are still saying that its not enough pre 40 then they are doing something seriously wrong.
  7. Ok then we can focus on Adena. You think its logical that 40+ mods drop the same amount that players in the 20-30 range get?
  8. So what happens when you need that 1k+ Varnish for an attempt to craft for example. You pretty much gotta buy out a town or two worth of shops cause the spoil rates are so bad. Now multiply that by other users wanting to take a shot to craft a piece of B grade equipment. Lack of Varnish so prices start to skyrocket. While that's happening other people are also slowly crawling their way to B grade as well and they will also want those mats too...thus the price will never go down with these rates, only increase. It isn't sustainable long term and thats the issue many players (in gen
  9. You don't really believe that do you? Prices for equipment atm are generally what I remember from back in the day. With the exception of SSD those were 10-12 a pop on. While this really only applies to NG to low C grade stuff due to NPC shops Top C and B grade equipment was always stupidly expensive. Prices will always be insane. Lets not forget the 60% craft rate and the insane amount of materials required for B grade equipment. Do you really believe the rates are sustainable for long term gameplay? Cause needing like 1k+ Varnish for one piece of equipment with a 60% success rate with these c
  10. Adena wise pre 40 is perfectly fine imo, it's the spoil rate thats the issue across all levels really. Adena 40+ is also a major concern as well.
  11. I just want the spoil rates these guys have to be across the board really. These seem to be the only mobs whose spoil rates work correctly. Spoiling works a decent amount of the time and sometimes I get more than one item. Not enough to shower me with Adena but enough to make me feel like spoiling is getting me somewhere. It's a shame theres only like 7 of em in the world lol
  12. I am sure they will open up the cata's and necro's when they (re)introduce The Seven Signs content. Though with all the 24/7 aoe parties around these days good luck getting in there and collecting seal stones.
  13. I am going off of memory from a few days ago as I bought one for killing bears for my Dwarf Scavenger quest (so many damn bears) and I do believe it gave me things like lvl 5 bless soul/body and haste lvl 3. Guess I can find out again later on this afternoon. If it is the buff lvls you described then yeah I dont see it being a problem then.
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