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    Wts aura flash sb pm ROG ig.
  2. and after this maintenance will be another 1hour, cause 1st delay 3h, 2nd delay 2h and 3rd delay 1h will be, i sense that
  3. why dafaq all ppl cry about 50%? just donate and get i also for yourself or stop crying and dont play here
  4. if you think its game breaking so dont play here and stop crying. It could be 100% exp runes, i dont care, i appreciate that they made f2p server, so all is good.
  5. If you dont like it then dont play here. Server is f2p, so there should be some good things people should buy for playing here.
  6. NA server have many eu players, so its normal to have atleast 1 server for eu people. If you ask why they make server for us when we have skelth? because innova is shit and we started playing l2 in NA lineage2 when it was created and we want to continue playing in same community.
  7. Hello all, i am writing with question. Will in giran server will be any clans without cp system?
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