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  1. Nobody cares about solo players tbh, it's all about CPs in classic and any decent CP can manage.
  2. Yes and that's all wrong, if they knew how to play there would be no such problems, any CP can maintain their stuff here and get gear etc.
  3. So they're using DW in a mage pt, nice, that's more of a lucky side-drop then For example: we got Haste SB randomly while we did Harit daily, from 2nd mob but we NEVER got DW after farming there for several days
  4. What is that supposed to show me? As u can see we don't have DW
  5. I'm in that CP from the video and we don't have DW.
  6. they're 0,01-0,05%, which is 1/100th of what you think it is (1%) and that's on skelth/ru rates, i bet it's half of that on this server.
  7. So you couldn't handle the rates and left
  8. that's a debit card and not a credit card, what are u? 12? how can u not know the difference between those 2 lol
  9. @Himewe need urgent help with this and pls don't tell me to make a support ticket, 3 times we got some stupid automated reply that didn't help at all.
  10. because you get a lot of stuff with a lot of value for a low price?
  11. Not sure how that is related to this but sure whatever you say. Paypal isn't working for a lot of people and therefore CC is the only valid option for those people atm.
  12. because every person in the world has a cred card right? Delusional much?
  13. And because paypal is randomly not working for a lot of people.
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