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  1. Sorc. Thats your answer, you are looking for overall simple and easy leveling then it doesnt matter who is better, because choosing Necro you will choice the totally opposite of simple and easy. You will be choosing a class that at lvl 40 doesnt have a main solo damage skills, damn it doesnt even have Death Spike at lvl 40, you only get Vampiric Claw that is really MP expensive, you need to keep leveling up with Blaze till lvl 50, or till lvl 46 to have an AOE skill that needs a dead corpse. Necro in AOE kill with blaze or vampiric claw then Corpse Burst or... 1 - Summon a lvl 1 Reanimate
  2. Its easier than you think... do the following: Wait and sell the pole when you have 3.2kk approx Buy 2 Sword of Revolution, make the mid C duals Revo*Revo -> 148 P.Atk Make another 3.2kk Adena Cristilize the Dual Revo, buy 5730 D-Cryst and buy 2 Stormbringers. dualize that and you will have the top mid tier duals of 175 P.Atk, Farm Tarlk Bugbear Warrior. Shamshir, Katana, Spirit Sword and Raid Sword full drops and blades, farm till you have 18 blades, trade to get 9 of each the same, any combination of those weaps will make a top C duals of 190 P.Atk. All th
  3. You are not going to be crafting a lot of items for your self, do it if you play with a clan and the clan help you to lvl it up, its not a good idea just for you. True SE is better than EE, I cannot think of anything good that a EE can offer to a DA better in any point in the game, EE are good for mages and main user, the best dualbox for a DA is a PP no questions ask, you need that haste, and bless the body is also good, best 2 dualboxes for DA is PP+SE, with Haste from PP and Vampiric Rage from SE, and everything else you will be able to pole alone with a DA later on.
  4. No no, what it said is that when the halloween suit is equiped you cant equip other gear, so basically, you cant use it like the buff, because this would mean hidding your grade set wich is not good for enemies in pvp so to not make this abuside in that form you can wear the outfit just for the looks, mainly to wear in town, while selling, etc. Or at least thats what I understand about that.
  5. Monster Eye Searcher in Dion Hills https://l2wiki.com/classic/Monster_Eye_Searcher 1.8k base exp, incredible good adena, weak to bow attack... BUT its not 2-3 hits and you may need heal or good jewelry to kill there aaaaand deal with the bots, they are constant there, you have to pk them and report them but I didnt see they get banned still. But other archers farm there and its good really good, with my Wizz I got my Goat Staff there farming from lvl 23 to 28 plus my cleric and s.oracle from 21/2 to 27. So, good place. Best Regards.
  6. No, your weapon will pass in trade, I already tested this, I got a Enchant Weapon D from the Candy Box too with my Shillen Oracle, I gave her my Goat Head, I enchant it and gave it back to my Wizzard no problem, you could also sell the enchant if the other person trust you giving the weapon and when you give back the item enchanted he gives you the adena, but is a trust game, dont recomend trying it unless is a friend.
  7. My answers: Same as Devoid said At the beginning (lvl 1-20) is easy, if they use dagger or bow they are rogues, if they use sword they are knights, if they cast they are Mystics, from lvl 20-40, best way is having them in party, but again with a little bit of experience you will simple be able to tell wich class they are, same for 40+ From 20 to 40 Wizzards get their summons, they help with MP, you can recharge yourself with your summon and recharge the summon with your MP and suddenly the laws of physics gets broken and both get MP because you get more MP from the summon rec
  8. Hi, Take a look at this https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/7437-guide-for-se/?do=findComment&comment=59078 Sadly it doesnt apply to you now, but the way of thinking that I explain in that place will help you to start thinking that way and eventually gain adena. Basically I explain how I manage to get a Goat Head Staff with my Human Wizz at lvl 28 soloing. The only recomendation that I could give you now, is, read that, try to apply that to your game, and keep that Mage Staff until you get 1.4kk Adena, sell the Mage Staff at a minimum of 200k and buy a Goat Head Staff at
  9. Forget about Raids, its a waste of time unless you have a very organized clan, about gearing, you will be able to get a lot of adena by being mindfull of the adena to get and the adena you spend. Let me give you just an example of my process of thinking about it and try to replicate this in your particular case. I'm running Human Wizz, Cleric and SE (Maybe SE and EE is a better choice but... whatever I will try to AOE party later on and maybe duo CP with an EE in hopes that she/he have a BD dualbox that would be awesome) so, I started with Cleric (because I wanted to play Bishop and only
  10. You want some experience then you will have to read an extensive wall of text Well, first, the rules said that you can have 3 accs logged at one time so, you can have your spoiler and artisan and pp and your destroyer and a se and a bd it doesnt matter you only need to have only 3 accs logged at any time. Now if you go for Destroyer... then you will be Overlord not Warlord ehehe ok so if you go for that you will always need PP thats no doubt you need a PP, because of some heal, Haste, DW, focus, berserker, might, bless, etc, PP is a most for any DD or tank, then the second box can be
  11. I guess he doesnt speak english, thats why he dont understand what Devoid said.
  12. Adding to what Devoid said, if you will lvl up with Wind Strike, mobs that are Wind Vulnerable are a very good choice, best place to farm at lvl 20+ all the way up to lvl 28 will be Dion Hills with the Monster Eye Overseer and Monster Eye Searcher, wierdly enough the Searcher is the best to hunt but its lvl 22 and the Overseer is lvl 25, so at lvl 20 you should kill the Searcher, will you will always have to kill the Searcher, I have lvl up my human wizz with my Cleric and Shillen Oracle in party from 22 to 28 there killing that particular mob. It is also a good option for the Adena and t
  13. Every class will be in demand but a few exceptions. Lets make some good parties to show this Archer PVE -> Tank, BD, SWS, PP, SE, Archer, Archer, Archer, Optional Archer PVP -> Tank, BD, SWS, Bishop, SE/EE, Archer, Archer, Archer, OL (Pa'agrio's Honor) / Could change Tank for Dagger and have only a Bishop and another Dagger, Daggers and Archers work well togheter in PVP - Out party -> WC/PP/SE/EE Mage PVE -> Tank, BD, SWS, SE, PP, EE, Mage, Mage, Mage / SE+PP+EE Can be out of party as dual boxes and put more mages / pullers Mage PVP -> Tank, BD, SWS, Bis
  14. Everything said here is valid, PP and BD is the best option... But, let me say this... Being Archer means that you kill slow, at least slower than a Wizz, I'm going with PP+SE for a future Necro, its ok exp for lvl 28-29, but I'm oneshooting everything with a Goat Head +1 and I was able to farm to buy that Goat head from Giran Shop with a Mage Staff, a Archer is not very good at that, it is going to be very difficult for you to keep up motivated if you slowly farm 3 acts with an Archer. So if you are very experienced forget all this and go ahead with PP+BD, but if you aren't you may
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