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  1. Necromancer or Sorcerer.

    Sorc. Thats your answer, you are looking for overall simple and easy leveling then it doesnt matter who is better, because choosing Necro you will choice the totally opposite of simple and easy. You will be choosing a class that at lvl 40 doesnt have a main solo damage skills, damn it doesnt even have Death Spike at lvl 40, you only get Vampiric Claw that is really MP expensive, you need to keep leveling up with Blaze till lvl 50, or till lvl 46 to have an AOE skill that needs a dead corpse. Necro in AOE kill with blaze or vampiric claw then Corpse Burst or... 1 - Summon a lvl 1 Reanimated Man (you level up this further and you bleep up) -> 2 - Send the Reanimated Man to hit the enemies -> 3 - Kill your own summon -> 4 - Use Corpse Burst (3 Spirit Ores per Reanimated Manso 440x3 = 1320a per hit, 3 hits per pull + 1 to 2 BSSC to kill him and 1 BSSC to Corpse Burst = 2300ish Adena per pull at least)... so no... you want to level up with Curse Death Link?... best solo skill in the game, great is a great choice... oh, you dont have PP, SE, EE and BD?... ok then no... if you dont use PP you dont have the necesary Cast Speed, if you dont have SE you dont have the necesary Damage, if you dont have BD you dont have the necesary Cast Speed and Damange needed and on top of that if you dont have EE you will not have the necesary MP, cause of recharge and Clarity... so you are bleeped if you dont have the necesary CP or the necesary Dual or if you are not skillfull enough to use CDL with just a PP and SE wich is not easy I can tell you I played Necro for a long time and I have leveled up alone in Interlude in Stakato Nest with and without all that and more and the differences are impressive. So you dont even think about it go for Sorc... if you want the best of both worlds... then make a new character and choose a SpellHowler... you will have a main damage for solo PVE (Hurricane), you will have a CDL if you happen to have all necesary and want to go hard on that wich is awesome, and you have a good AOE that doesnt need to sell your house to use. And for PVP well a average Necromancer user is less effective than a average Sorc user, cause Necro is usefull if you know how to use it, because if you dont then you are the same as nothing. I have used +4 WIT +4 INT +4 CON -8(-10) MEN -5 STR on my Necro since C4, actually +3-3 may be even a better choice, cause you may not want to have -8 or -10 to MEN..., and with the announcement that you cant have more than +5 no doubt I will go for that, I was thinking on going +8 WIT or even +12 WIT because I have no Acumen SA here but if you dont cant go for any of that then mix things up and get more Cast, more Damage and more Life, have in mind that CDL is percentaje based, so more life will mean that 50 - 100 HP total life will be less % of the total life meaning that your CDL hits will be a little bit higher, and often that little bit could mean the difference between killing with one hit or not the targeted mob, and if not that could mean death.... also more HP good for PVP. Best Regards
  2. lvl 40, progress/wep choice?

    Its easier than you think... do the following: Wait and sell the pole when you have 3.2kk approx Buy 2 Sword of Revolution, make the mid C duals Revo*Revo -> 148 P.Atk Make another 3.2kk Adena Cristilize the Dual Revo, buy 5730 D-Cryst and buy 2 Stormbringers. dualize that and you will have the top mid tier duals of 175 P.Atk, Farm Tarlk Bugbear Warrior. Shamshir, Katana, Spirit Sword and Raid Sword full drops and blades, farm till you have 18 blades, trade to get 9 of each the same, any combination of those weaps will make a top C duals of 190 P.Atk. All this easy?, nop, ofc no... but if you have some luck you can do some stuff, if you get a weap top D from Halloween Event and sell it, if you get a top lux weap from daily 40+ dungeon, etc, if you get a drop killing Tarlk Bugbear... or if by the moment you get to lvl 52+ the server is already with a healty production of SSB go for dual Delusions from luxury. Those are my thoughts on weap progression... though, if you have or find a mage CP... you will only need dual Sabers... Best regards!.
  3. What are the most on demand classes

    You are not going to be crafting a lot of items for your self, do it if you play with a clan and the clan help you to lvl it up, its not a good idea just for you. True SE is better than EE, I cannot think of anything good that a EE can offer to a DA better in any point in the game, EE are good for mages and main user, the best dualbox for a DA is a PP no questions ask, you need that haste, and bless the body is also good, best 2 dualboxes for DA is PP+SE, with Haste from PP and Vampiric Rage from SE, and everything else you will be able to pole alone with a DA later on.
  4. Question about Halloween Suit (Permanent)

    No no, what it said is that when the halloween suit is equiped you cant equip other gear, so basically, you cant use it like the buff, because this would mean hidding your grade set wich is not good for enemies in pvp so to not make this abuside in that form you can wear the outfit just for the looks, mainly to wear in town, while selling, etc. Or at least thats what I understand about that.
  5. Gain Exp

    Monster Eye Searcher in Dion Hills https://l2wiki.com/classic/Monster_Eye_Searcher 1.8k base exp, incredible good adena, weak to bow attack... BUT its not 2-3 hits and you may need heal or good jewelry to kill there aaaaand deal with the bots, they are constant there, you have to pk them and report them but I didnt see they get banned still. But other archers farm there and its good really good, with my Wizz I got my Goat Staff there farming from lvl 23 to 28 plus my cleric and s.oracle from 21/2 to 27. So, good place. Best Regards.
  6. Enchant Weapon D grade no-tradable?

    No, your weapon will pass in trade, I already tested this, I got a Enchant Weapon D from the Candy Box too with my Shillen Oracle, I gave her my Goat Head, I enchant it and gave it back to my Wizzard no problem, you could also sell the enchant if the other person trust you giving the weapon and when you give back the item enchanted he gives you the adena, but is a trust game, dont recomend trying it unless is a friend.
  7. Newbie questions about the game

    My answers: Same as Devoid said At the beginning (lvl 1-20) is easy, if they use dagger or bow they are rogues, if they use sword they are knights, if they cast they are Mystics, from lvl 20-40, best way is having them in party, but again with a little bit of experience you will simple be able to tell wich class they are, same for 40+ From 20 to 40 Wizzards get their summons, they help with MP, you can recharge yourself with your summon and recharge the summon with your MP and suddenly the laws of physics gets broken and both get MP because you get more MP from the summon recharge that the MP you consume from recharging the summon and viceversa, for lvl 40+ this doesnt really apply anymore, if you dont wanna dual box then you should duo with some recharger (SE best option for empower), or run a different class Actually the best geared you get, the higher your level is the lower the risk of dying is going to be, but without buffs you will be killing a few mobs and siting for either MP or HP, and gaining 0.05% -> 0.01% per mob is not gonna be very good, if you wanna play 2 hours a day and you have a kill rate of 100 mobs an hour, you may end up gaining 2% a day at lvl 45, maybe 10% if you are VIP 4 and use scrolls and stuff like that. All mobs you kill have a 70% chance of drop adena, and all mobs have a minimum and a maximum adena that can be droped so if you apply this equation -> ((min+max)/2)*0.7 you will get the average adena a mob can give you, if you in 1 hour kill 50 mobs without Spiritshots or Blessed Spiritshots or Soulshots and the mob gave you 100a average, you will get 5k an hour, if using shots make you kill 100 mobs an hour and you spend 50a on shots per mob you will get the same adena, but double the exp, double the fun, double the chance of other drops and mats that can make it more profitable, and following the same reasoning you could end up making even more adena by spending adena... its like real life, sometimes you have to spend money (invest) to gain money. This game is driven by a lot of factors, drops, NPC vendors, Spoilers and Blacksmiths playing, the age of the server, the version of the chronicle (Classic 1.5 in this case) time will change prices and a lot will go down, I buy my Mage Staff at 240k when nobody was sitting selling one and I end up selling it at 200k because there was 2 selling it at 220k and they cant sell it so mainly time shifts prices but it is this way because with time the Offer changes and the Demand changes too so at the end it is a player driven economy. Sincerily, I dont, not at least with caster classes, you need a class that can farm the hours you play a day and in a somewhat efficient pace, sadly there is nothing that can keep up with a party, that can keep up with a triple box, you will be really satisfied by this game a few hours a day if you find a group that share your same routine, you will get more fun by playing a few hours with friends than playing those hours soloing, I dont find this game satisfying for solo one box play, you can go with Dark Avenger and you will be somewhat constant because you have your panther that hits and you hit, and the panther get hits and you dont so its good, but for me the best thing you can do is choose a class that will be needed at lvl 40+ always, like Blade Dancer or Sword Singer, you will farm as a Tank from 20 to 40, like a Shillen Knight like a Dark Avenger will do at those lvls, and then you get a dual sword and dance and its fun, Blade Dancer is one of the best for soloing I guess but always having in mind that party is good. Going Cleric is a good choice and then Bishop, but only if you go with party and even then a Bishop is a pariah at low lvls, is the best no questions ask for Mass PVP, Sieges wich are the most satisfying thing I have done in L2, bishops are the best and clans will always want them, but if you dont get a good party you will not get to high levels and if you don get to high levels then nobody wants you... can you see where the problem is? <- I guess this answers 7+ too. If you play a few hours a day, I guess, after work or college, then a timezone close to yours will be the best if you intend to find people with your same schedule to play, otherwise chose a server with a low quantity of people like gludio so your farming zones are almost empty and you have a fresh server, with people in the same level, or if you want low prices in stuff go to Talking Island where the economy is twisting to cheap NG kinda cheap D and starting to take for the C grade market. I love L2, I have been playing this game since like... 12 years ago, and I'm starting to play again, so it is a very lovable game but I have to say to you man, if you say something like "I am tired of modern mmo-s, where they become your second job with managing every single thing daily." sadly... L2 is known as the most hardcore "Job MMO" out there... have this in mind, the best party in Talking Island is averaging lvl 60 to 62, almost all their members stream daily, they are all VIP4, and play for 4... 6... 8 or even more hours a day they play in the most efficient way possible in the current meta, they are a mage aoe party, with tank, healers, Bladedancer and Songs, they have it all you CANT be more efficient than them and still at lvl 62 they kill like 20-35 mobs per pull I guess averaging 1 pull every 3 minutes I guess something like that and they get like 0.5% exp or less in each pull so they are getting if i'm not mistaken 10% an hour... maybe less than that, and they are the most efficient at farming, so try to imagine how that would be for a solo player without boxes, L2 is grinding and grinding and grinding, but very slow grind if you dont play efficient, but If you do so, its the best, the more fun you could get from a farming game, then pvp, sieges, managing a castle, its an epic game. So while you will get fun in the travel, the pvp end-game for me is the more satisfying thing in the game. Sorry for this wall of text, I like to explain and I'm sitting in queue for hours to play at night in Talking Island server Best Regards.
  8. Adena farming

    Hi, Take a look at this https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/7437-guide-for-se/?do=findComment&comment=59078 Sadly it doesnt apply to you now, but the way of thinking that I explain in that place will help you to start thinking that way and eventually gain adena. Basically I explain how I manage to get a Goat Head Staff with my Human Wizz at lvl 28 soloing. The only recomendation that I could give you now, is, read that, try to apply that to your game, and keep that Mage Staff until you get 1.4kk Adena, sell the Mage Staff at a minimum of 200k and buy a Goat Head Staff at 1.4kk to 1.5kk from somebody or go and buy it from Giran Shop at 1.54kk (dont lose time trying to save up a few adenas, but try to buy 1k BSSD before buying the staff. Best Regards
  9. what boxes should i get ? help pls

    Forget about Raids, its a waste of time unless you have a very organized clan, about gearing, you will be able to get a lot of adena by being mindfull of the adena to get and the adena you spend. Let me give you just an example of my process of thinking about it and try to replicate this in your particular case. I'm running Human Wizz, Cleric and SE (Maybe SE and EE is a better choice but... whatever I will try to AOE party later on and maybe duo CP with an EE in hopes that she/he have a BD dualbox that would be awesome) so, I started with Cleric (because I wanted to play Bishop and only that but I get borred of not getting party so I come back to what I'm used to... Necro and dualboxes) I started without making to many smart things just going with the flow mainly trying to remember how to play (I play since C4 but I leave the game like 4 years ago), the I made the Human Wizz. So to make the human Wizz I spend like 5-6 hours from 1 to 20, how? well I went to TI, do the main quest, but at lvl 14+ I started to kill out party with human mystic and in party with the cleric so the mystic will keep getting exp all the time even while sitting, when I got my Human Wizz I went to farm Venom Sacs (3k+ Adena quest in Dark Elven Village), so what I do here was to take the quest with both my chars and keep them in party, but killing with both and while I was sitting I made a Dark Elf Mystic for later Shillen Oracle, I was killing spiders with the DE Mystic and with the Wizz, and with the Cleric rotating between mp, keeping always the DE Mystic in party while doing the 15+ quest, I was doing that quest with my 3 chars at the same time, but you have to kill to get the item so thats why I was rotating, but I made my DE Mystic after getting my top NG weapon and keep doing the quest until I get to lv 20 with my DE and I did the class change quest, have in mind I was rotating my Mage Staff between characters to be damage efficient. It was hard, lots of people and bots killing Spiders but anyway. After this I went to Dion, with my top NG Weapon and already more than 200k in adena and a Devotion Set buyed from store xP, after this I started killing Monster Eye Searchers in Dion Hills, again a lot of people and bots, I have to pk some bots some time to get a free spot, and I did this math: 1 Monster Eye Searcher was 3 hits, I was using ONLY Spiritshots, no Blessed, and buying them in Giran at 16a each, 48a in Spiritshots per mob, and the Monster Eyes gave me from 140 to 328 at a 70% rate, so ((140+328)/2)*0.7=163 so I was getting 163a average per mob in that place, at a 48a cost its 115a winnings per mob, plus drops (Sword Breaker Blades 7k+ in shop and 1 Sword Breaker full 135k sold in Dark Elven Village (lots of people doing the quest to buy their first top NG) I was out that place at lvl 28 with my wizz, 27 with my cleric and s.oracle and a top D shop Goat Head Staff. So I knew that farming those mobs in that place at that rate was profitable and I was 28 when I got my top D weap, without buying any other low, mid, top-mid D weapon in the process, because I know that I was going to spend more money in shots, now I'm getting less per mob, but still profitable, I double my adena with each mob I kill, I spend 48a in each Blessed Spiritshot D and I will with one shot with some mobs in EG, and I get 50ish adena in profit (100ish adena average per mob) I already know that I'm going to be able to buy full elven jewelry before lv 33-34 and probably I will be able to have Karmian at lvl 40 if I keep doing this simple math. Yet ofc, if you get a Spoiler you will get more adena, there is no doubt of this, but again you have to be mindfull of what you are doing, so you should lvl up with your Raider/Destroyer (I also get confused when you said Warlord I thought of something with "LORD" lol xD) anyways, lvl with and buy either a pole or a Tarbar, keep leveling up and get a Brigadine Set, with you have this two things, then make the spoiler and when you have the spoiler at lvl 20, give the Tarbar/Pole and the brigadine and you will lvl up fast, you need that char with high lvl to get something, you probably will need it when you are lvl 40 and your PP too, but still you can get arround without it, it is just going to be more profitable that doesnt mean you cant go without it, a Blacksmith is not really needed, I mean you will get a lot from sitting him to craft but mainly at high lvl, so you need to farm/spoil the recipes, like, B grade and get your blacksmith to lvl 52 and sit him to craft B grade gear to be really profitable with that, or spoil parts of gear and mats, craft cheap stuff, cristilize that and sell shots, it translate in a lot of money but its slow anyways. The best way of farming adena without a spoiler/blacksmith is by being able to aoe pole alone, or being a really efficient mage, and very mindfull of what you are spending, like I have macros to cast spells with shots and I cast for example, BTM without BSS, I heal without BSS, etc etc. Best Regards.
  10. what boxes should i get ? help pls

    You want some experience then you will have to read an extensive wall of text Well, first, the rules said that you can have 3 accs logged at one time so, you can have your spoiler and artisan and pp and your destroyer and a se and a bd it doesnt matter you only need to have only 3 accs logged at any time. Now if you go for Destroyer... then you will be Overlord not Warlord ehehe ok so if you go for that you will always need PP thats no doubt you need a PP, because of some heal, Haste, DW, focus, berserker, might, bless, etc, PP is a most for any DD or tank, then the second box can be either a BD or a SE, if you go for SE you will have great heal, great resurrection, vampiric rage wich is very very usefull if you wanna use a pole (like a Warlord :P), but also Recharge so you can go overhiting stuff like a boss. but BD is really good for later, dont go for SWS... you can also have a PP and a BD in the same account, log in the PP buff the SE and the Overlord and logout, login the BD and keep farming, but you need to have your PP at lvl 52/58 so you dont really need it to lvl up more than that, but is kinda anoying to have 2 chars in the same account but anyways if you follow the rules you cant share your accounts so it doesnt really matters. Besides that SE will give you a more inmediate reward (Vampiric Rage at lvl 30 and Recharge at lvl 28), instead with BD you need it to be 40+ to be usefull and still Vampiric, Recharge, Heal and Ressurection is better... if you have in mind that the BD will be better at lvl 58 when you get Dance of Fury (and 55 for Dance of the Warrior). because only lvl 40 Dance of Fire is not good enough, still Fury is good when you also have Vampiric Rage and Haste with good Heal to farm with Pole at Catacombs when they open or other AOE. So, go for PP for sure, then I recomend SE, but actually BD at the end may be a better idea, or go for everyhing and make BD inside the PP Acc, but start with PP and SE, shitty thing is that you are not gonna have the PP to buff the BD... other good option is to go for PP and SE and at lvl 52 of your PP make the BD, buy a Revo Sword, Brigadine set, Elven Jewels, and help him with PP 52 and SE 52 to lvl up the BD fast. If you have more questions ask, np. Best Regards.
  11. whats the max lvl on lineage 2 classic and skills

    I guess he doesnt speak english, thats why he dont understand what Devoid said.
  12. Guide for SE

    Adding to what Devoid said, if you will lvl up with Wind Strike, mobs that are Wind Vulnerable are a very good choice, best place to farm at lvl 20+ all the way up to lvl 28 will be Dion Hills with the Monster Eye Overseer and Monster Eye Searcher, wierdly enough the Searcher is the best to hunt but its lvl 22 and the Overseer is lvl 25, so at lvl 20 you should kill the Searcher, will you will always have to kill the Searcher, I have lvl up my human wizz with my Cleric and Shillen Oracle in party from 22 to 28 there killing that particular mob. It is also a good option for the Adena and the drops killing Searchers I found a Sword Breaker, lowest top ng weapon price but still 130-150k is good. If you dont have Mage Staff (Top NG Staff) then first go to Dark Elven Village and do the Venom Sac quest that gives you 3k+ adena for every time you get 10 venom sacs, farm that until you get the Mage Staff, then farm Searchers until you can sell the Mage Staff and buy a Goat Head Staff, thats what I managed to do, lvl 28 with Goat Head, but as a Human Wizz ofc yet as I said Searchers are Wind Vulnerable so you kinda replace the extra damage that I have with my Blaze with that vulnerability. Lvl up there until lvl 28, always look for parties AOE at AC or OB but they often want lvl 25+ for those places, when you are 28, if you managed to get a Goat Head and you have Recharge, you can find party with ease, ofc at lvl 25 do the Moon Knight quest for the Moon Robe set. Dont spend adena on Spiritshots if you go in Party, dont buy any Weapon D until you can get the Goat Head, dont spend any adena on Jewelry or Armor in D grade unless you already have the Goat Head, dont buy low, mid, mid-top D weapons then you cant sell them, Mage Staff should be enough for now. Same adena everywhere, for example, dont auto-activate the spiritshots, and dont buy blessed spiritshots NG, make a macro in-game that activates the spiritshot (put the spiritshot, for example in the 3rd skill bar in the 12 position and in the macro should use the shortcut 3 12 and then /useforceskill Wind Strike or /useshortcut 3 1 and put the wind strike in the 3rd skill bar position 1, so in this way you use spiritshots only for hits and if you want it you can finish a mob using a skill without spiritshot, heal and buff yourself without spiritshots and use that save to invest only in things that will make you more spiritshot efective, for example buy Empower Stew Lv. 1 until you have your own Empower, but it at 400a max not more, if you dont find buy 1 at whatever is being sell and sit to buy at 400a or even 350a, dont use your EXP scrolls until you have your Goat Head, only use the Halloween free buff and take advantage of that but dont use EXP scrolls on top of that, you dont want to finish killing Searchers before you get your Goat Head, and you probably will anyways, Searchers give you 140 to 328 adena because they are HPx2, you will have to kill them from 3 hits, always buy Spiritshots in Giran, 3 hits is 48a of spiritshots so even the minimum quantity will give you a profit, but at 70% change of drop and making an average its an average profit of 164 - 48a per mob so you will be geting 115a for every mob in general, you need to kill 13.391 Searchers to buy the Goat Head only from Adena drop, but its going to take a lot less than that because of materials and Sword Breaker Blades drop and even if you get a Sword Breaker. So, be mindfull that this is the best way... and... Only one problem, this is just that good spot to farm adena that.... its full of bots and sadly moderators seems to be doing nothing, I had to PK twice the same bot and report it and he was still boting yesterday so... if you need to PK... PK and kill yourself as many times as you need, but beware from the fifth PK onwards you can drop, so I recomend you to make a human cleric so he can pk 5 times, you can pk 5 times, and if you pk a 6 time and drop you pick up everything with the Cleric and use the revive from the cleric, also you get Acumen from the Cleric with is really nice and you lower your experience and mp usage by healing yourself with the cleric instead of using your own heal, always try to PK with nobody on sight and inmediatly kill yourself with your alt-char and revive, learn revive in both chars, remember you dont care about exp for now, the lesser exp you get the better , your mind should be on adena. After you get the Goat Head you can go to EG (Execution Grounds), go up and kill Crawlers and Spectres, with Empo, and Goat Head, using Disrupt you will manage to oneshot them so in this case it will be better for your mana. On top of making a Human Cleric, it would be a great idea to also make a Elven Oracle so that way in lvl 28 the Elven Oracle get Recharge for you, and later on, you get Clarity, with PP, EE and you being SE, and having all those buff, you will be able to farm with Might of Heavens at lvl 40+, have in mind that while Might of Heavens can kill any mob, it doesnt need to be Undead like with Disrupt, the Power of this skill is low compared with any mage class so you still will need to kill mobs that have Holy Attack Vulnerability (Usually Undeads). All this is to be able to solo the game, and still if you make a Human Cleric and Elven Oracle, for later Prophet and Elven Elder, it is going to be very very bad, you need a Clan and or a CP of either Mages or Poles, being Shillen Oracle/Elder gives you the advantage to be good for Mages (Empower) and good for Polers (Vampiric Rage), so your best choice is that.... if you find a good clan that really cares about giving you party, or a CP where you can be in a good party all the time, ofc after lvl 28/30 then you may change your investment from Goat Head to Mithril Set and Jewelry Elven, and save money for Karmian or even Divine set at lvl 40+, you dont need a good weapon if you have a party and dont need to deal damage, just buy a Crucifix of Blessing and a good Shield and you're set for healing. Any ways I hope this wall of text helps you a bit. Best Regards.
  13. What are the most on demand classes

    Every class will be in demand but a few exceptions. Lets make some good parties to show this Archer PVE -> Tank, BD, SWS, PP, SE, Archer, Archer, Archer, Optional Archer PVP -> Tank, BD, SWS, Bishop, SE/EE, Archer, Archer, Archer, OL (Pa'agrio's Honor) / Could change Tank for Dagger and have only a Bishop and another Dagger, Daggers and Archers work well togheter in PVP - Out party -> WC/PP/SE/EE Mage PVE -> Tank, BD, SWS, SE, PP, EE, Mage, Mage, Mage / SE+PP+EE Can be out of party as dual boxes and put more mages / pullers Mage PVP -> Tank, BD, SWS, Bishop, EE, OL, Mage, Mage, Mage / Tank could be missing and put another Mage, use BD and SWS for front line - Out party SE/WC/PP Then you have AOE Pole parties but those are very mixed, you need Tank with Hate Aura, 1 SE, 1 EE/Bishop, and then everything that can wear a pole efficiently, Warlord ofc, Destroyer, any Dwarf, but even Daggers and Archers, SE is needed for Vampiric Rage and EE/Bishop + SE for heal. As you can see almost every class in the game is needed but, now lets be real, it will always be dependant of lvl, if you talk about 40- it doesnt matter, talking 40-60 things get tricky because, for example, every time you could use a Bishop for heal wich is the best heal, in PVE SE or EE or even PP is better because they have buffs that the Bishop does not have, meaning that a Bishop is a very strange class to be seen in the game because parties usually think of the moment and not the future if its not a Clan or CP party, a Bishop depends on CP/Clan it would be quite difficult to find party as a Bishop between 40-52, but suddenly if you are a Bishop lvl 52 with an average server lvl of 30-35 so then big clans will recruit you like you are the god that will make all their dreams come true, because a Bishop 61+ in Classic 1.5 will be the most important class of them all, if a Clan manage to have 3 Bishops 55+ for the first Siege, they may be the only ones to be able to conquer a Castle, that important a Bishop is, yet lvling up as Cleric is really hard and after 40 PPs are more likely to get party but then they will not get good parties for PVP/Sieges. But at the end a Mage is the most wanted but there are so many mages that you practically never see parties looking for a mage for lvl up, they search for Tanks and maybe healers 30-35+, after 40 clans recruit active BD and SWS really quick too, so at the end the top 5 wanted chars are in my opinion: 1 - Bishop (End-Game. Clans will beg for Bishops) 2 - SWS (They are actually more wanted than Bishops in clans but not as usefull, but in PVE because they are fast with Song of Wind they are good pullers, so actually an active SWS is good, besides the fact that not many ppl make SWS dualbox because of 3 boxes restriction there are not even one char that benefits more with a SWS dualbox than with any other like PP, BD, SE, EE) 3 - BD (Same as SWS, BD are actually more usefull than SWS but there are more BDs in the server and a lot of dualboxes BD, in parties they usually just dance thats why they are only good for PVP because in PVE is common to find someone that have a BD dualbox) 4 - OL (Overlords are in the same place than Bishops, the Pa'agrio's Honor is very very important, every clan should have 1, 2 or even 3 OLs to be succesfull but sadly at the beginning they are not very usefull in parties, but they will be needed and any clan will want them without a doubt) 5 - This is a hard place for me WC and EE share this place, an active WC is very good, and needed in parties because of their party buffs, good in AOE Pole parties and Archer Parties, but OL is best, on the EE part, the EE is a natural option because they can replace Bishops kinda not really but because they are more needed because of recharge, because of Clarity, and in later versions because of PoW in a Mage Party is almost a must but because of OL Victories of Pa'agrio this is not enterelly needed, but is a good Dual, lets say you have a Necro and you go solo with PP and SE, if later on you go dual with a active EE is the best combination, and have in mind that if the EE have BD and SWS as dual box is the best combination. Honorable Mentions - Clans will always need a good Blacksmith and Spoiler, a clan cant work well without them, same case for any tank, DA, SK, TK all good, DA maybe best right now. Elemental Summoner in the next version of classic with 3rd Class Change they will be very good for their buff and Olympiads. Not very good options - Tyrants, sadly they are quite bad right now, at its the class that I know less so I may be wrong but I dont think so. That is my insight in the matter. Best Regards.
  14. Archer + what 2 boxes?

    Everything said here is valid, PP and BD is the best option... But, let me say this... Being Archer means that you kill slow, at least slower than a Wizz, I'm going with PP+SE for a future Necro, its ok exp for lvl 28-29, but I'm oneshooting everything with a Goat Head +1 and I was able to farm to buy that Goat head from Giran Shop with a Mage Staff, a Archer is not very good at that, it is going to be very difficult for you to keep up motivated if you slowly farm 3 acts with an Archer. So if you are very experienced forget all this and go ahead with PP+BD, but if you aren't you may consider going for only PP, a PP is good enough for a Archer, I have seen streams from Talking Island server of an Archer lv 48+ with only a PP and he kills very decently without a BD. So if you are not very experience I would go with just a PP at least for now, cleric will give you might, focus and heal pretty quickly, the future BD is worthless as a dual box until 2nd change, yes at lvl 40 you will have a very good dance... Dance of Fire but until then is nothing, maybe is best if you go just with PP until your lvl 48-52 then with your PP is 52 that you dont really need it to lvl up more than that well maybe 58 for Greater Might but is going to be hard at that point so then you can do two things... 1 get a dual active BD, maybe even with SWS in dualbox, or 2 make the bd at that point, you will lvl up the BD alone, with a Sword of Revolution, with Brigadine set (because you will be able to buy that for your BD), and with a pp in lvl 52, you will get to 40 very quickly and as tank you will be very wanted in AOE parties more having in mind that you will have a 52 PP and on top of that a 52 archer guardian. Well those are my recomendations. I hope it gives you another option that may like you. Best Regards