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  1. What about the other buffers? Do they need spellbooks to learn the party version of their buffs?
  2. Hello, I made both a Warcryer and a Overlord. The Warcryer cant buff party and the Overlord cant buff party or clan members. Does this change at higher level or have buffers been nerfed to self buffers only? Also does this apply to Prophet, Sword Singers and Blade Dancers as well?
  3. Hello, I want to purchase some INT+5 dyes from Red Libra Pink. Can I choose to get the INT dyes or will it be a random pick between all of the dyes that she sells?
  4. Hey, I actually came here looking for some info like this because I am also retiring my 107 Tyrr Duelist and going to main my 106 Shillien Saint. Thx for the info
  5. So now that is another problem with the class if the pets only go up to level 110. I looked it up and you are correct. One thing I did notice though is at 115 you get this skill which looks awesome. Is this supposed to their way of making the servitors better at higher level? Also can you give me an example of a full p.atk build and a full m.atk build? I dont even see how you can go P.ATK with no 2 Hand Melee blunts in the game. I am only level 103 so far on my Light Elf Summoner so there is alot that I am still trying to figure out. Servitor's Max Power Burst
  6. You still dont get it and all you are doing is saying exactly what I said in the OP. If you use a Retributer which is a MAGE weapon then the class is gimped by design because the most important skill of the class is based on P.ATK not M.ATK. There is only 1 way to build any any class in this game and that is to do as much damage as possible. It looks like the best way to go for a Wynn is with a 2 Hand Melee Blunt weapon which would give you the most P.ATK which would give Servitors their highest damage output but the problem is those weapons are not in game anymore and even if they were it w
  7. Thank you, @Boladao @Traingirl @FatherFortuitous I use to play Tyrr Doombringer and I think I am going back to that class.
  8. Where the real Lineage 2 players at? Looks like all that is left on the official forums are the failures that dont know anything and still complain about how much stuff cost. LMFAO
  9. I asked what items should I buy first. Let me worry about the cost. WTF would I need to tell you how much money I have?
  10. Hello, I am 105 on my Tyrr Duelist and want to start getting better gear to increase my damage. I have no interest in PVP because I know that is a lost cause in this game. I am a PVE player just looking to start gearing my character better so I can start soling some pve content. Any advice on what items to start buying first? I only have the free exalted gear atm.
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