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  1. Exactly. Go look around Elven Village. It's literally 100s of bots running the same exact script, running the same exact routes rushing to lvl 20 to do the event and then fish.
  2. The pk system is fine. The problem is the amount of karma you lose per mob which is most certainly not how it's supposed to be.
  3. Which is really stupid and nonsensical.
  4. Unfortunately yes. Would take days to recoup xp loss after sieges sometimes.
  5. This will do absolutely nothing to fix the queue. Another illogical attempt to fix a problem. Without afk fishing also being disabled people are still never going to log out because they'll afk fish all day when not playing.
  6. Your 8 bots that autofollow you and insta assist can talk as well? Impressive man.
  7. A big one. Because I'm not an idiot and I make real life money. Need me to cook your stupid ass something too?
  8. Oxymoron at it's finest. People who are absolute idiots deserve nothing though.
  9. Talking Island. Wtf. Use Google man, would take less time then making an account and posting on the forums. Which you had to make a character and login to do. Slow af.
  10. These 2 things are the only reason there's a queue.
  11. Agreed. This fishing shit is ruining the servers.
  12. You made it in only 3 hours? On my buffer account I've been waiting for 3.5 hours and have been sitting at "There are 2 players in the queue" for 15min now.
  13. Most of the people whining and not willing to pay are nonfactor scrubs and won't be at sieges anyways.
  14. They don't need to disable it forever. Just until they can figure out how to solve the problem or until server population dies down enough on it's own. Fishing never should have been on the server from the start anyways because of this exact issue.
  15. The problem isn't multibox, the problem is fishing and thousands of people being afk doing it.
  16. Was there a question or something involved here?
  17. It has nothing to do with whether you paid or not. I bought the pack before launch and I still have the same problem logging in.
  18. I literally thought this was a joke post making fun of all of the other idiotic crying to GM posts. It's so much funnier now that I realize this is a legit post hahahaha
  19. GeeEemm, serber one day old and I no yet lvl 40 with full C grade. What wrong with serber? HAALLP please!!! GEEAMMM
  20. If you aren't in a clan you can constantly xp with literally no one with want you in group post 40.
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