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  1. I am also having difficulty logging into any server (live and classic) on 2 of my 3 accounts.
  2. Both dwarf classes are more suited towards making adena one way or another... However, since you are new to the game I would look into other classes that are more enjoyable to play. Dwarfs generally are more boring since they don't have very exciting offensive or defensive skills even into late game. Try checking out one of the summoner classes, they are all very interesting and dynamic.
  3. Logging in with non-vip is a real problem right now... I see people waiting 8+ hours just to get in!
  4. There is a VIP queue on Talking Island because the server is capped out of almost entirely VIP users... Think of it like a 'fast pass' line at an amusement park -- there is still a line but it is considerably shorter.
  5. Did it turn out to be the 10min session timer causing the kicks?
  6. No VIP? and were you waiting for longer than 10min in queue?
  7. Do we have confirmed successful entries of users getting in after waiting longer than 10min in queue??
  8. You can test this by sitting on the server select screen (not in queue) for 10 minutes ...
  9. I've found spoil rates to be much improved. Enough so that I am satisfied with the results... At least now they somewhat resemble the rates listed on l2wiki.
  10. Unfortunately you need to be in game to use the coins for in order to get VIP1... I recommend waiting for non-peak hours (like midnight-3am EST) to attempt to log in to activate VIP.
  11. Prestige Packs are for the live servers only, not classic. Currently there is no subscription to get VIP status, although for VIP4 all at once you must pay about 50 USD initially and about 15 USD to sustain VIP4 status. If you are looking to only bypass queue then VIP1 is something like 1 USD worth of coins, but the minimum coin purchase amount is 5 USD for 400 coins.
  12. People complaining about the 'casual' feel of these changes but wait till everyone hits the CLASSIC exp curve that is several times more difficult than original game from 40-70.
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