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  1. Ya te estan buscando a vos, tene cuidado en la calle..
  2. Tienen que crearse un pj en Naia o Chronos para postear y esperar 1 hora. Es el filtro antinewbies.
  3. Alexpwnz


    im joking, gl with recruiting!
  4. Apex is going to be roflstomped and joining with little NA clans
  5. Yo pondria 7 PR + SWS + BD + WC offparty, bien glass cannon la configuracion
  6. Alexpwnz


    looks like a group of friends who take every dd role lol
  7. aside Korea and USA, this game is quite popular in third world countries, Brazil, Argentina, Greece, East Europe, etc. where abundance of low end PC can run the game.
  8. was a typo, i stated 4 parties at first. But we are currently at 7 parties. 2 full mage groups 2 full archer groups 1 full warrior group 1 mixed group (mainly DDs) to powerlevel dwarfs + rotate dmgs 1 experimental party with ppl playing Classic for first time We have a guy exclusive dedicated to craft SS, manage Giran traders, organizing purchases in Store, and helping parties ease with each other. He used to be perma hero in Skelth so he know about the chronicle. we call him: El Administrador We are not recruiting anymore until we consolidate this gro
  9. Macro loops are quite useful these days. Also no Drop on Death. people have a sense of paradise lost in Classic, move on, game evolved.
  10. Its funny how the current announced hispano clans said "no war until lv 85" or "clan dont help with anything" while the anglospeaking clans offer a vast array of benefits. i dont intend to do politics here, but as i said, the lack of basics is transfered to ppl ingame haha. for more information, we have a Teamspeak 3 server hosted in Miami with capacity for 250 slots, and a Discord backup just in case. We divide our group in 5 parties able to mobilize as a pvp force and two parties that play a relaxed gameplay, there is open slots for some extra parties playing alongside
  11. Hi All, this post is just to announce that we come in full force to this server. This is not the typical recruiting post since we are not a united side yet. Just like IRL, we lack of the fundamentals who make other regions succesful, being the most important the lack of a Comandante. We are the 'Wildcard' here. However, we are gathering giant amounts of people preparing the most massive zerg that the official servers has ever seen before, making the memorable FS zerg in Chronos looks like a group of old ladies rushing a x3000 java Interlude. I know not every hispano is playing w
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