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  1. And what did you expected the answer from nc be? HAHAHAHAH how old are you dude? 12 years old? you never stop to amaze me x2
  2. After all that happened already, and the weekends where no one is left at headquarters to look after the server, and how you abuse the f2p players making them do 17 hours of queue you have lost all credibility. Start showing real improvements in your service and then ppl will start to believe in what you say again.
  3. ah, another evidence of what im saying for the last weeks. Lets rejoice and see how you react. Dont forget to thank NCwest to "fix" the "broken" rates next wednesday, or the next one Oh, i remember to buy por ss from store since you will break your nails if you grind mobs like i do.
  4. The amount of players dropped a lot, i dont know if you noticed. There are still a huge amount of players, but the playerbase dropped and its noticeable. The problem lies in that you are able to log 3 accounts per computer, add all the ppl using bots and you have a lot of slots on use 24hs/7.
  5. Is it my imagination or now it takes longer to log in F2P accounts? that was the solution to the queue? to increase the slots for VIP and decrease the F2P?. I understand to give place first to ppl who pays, but if the game is announced as "truly, free" a F2P account shouldnt wait 17 hours to log in. Its and entire day to, i mean it really is ridiculous that queue. Even if there are other servers, you cant make a player wait between 14 to 17 hours to log in, thats a malicious, dishonest and a completely repudiable attitude for a company.
  6. EXACTLY what i meant. The one thinking failling is yours. Let me tell you again: THEY SAID THE SAME BEFORE, THAT THEY INCREASED THE RATES FOR ALL MOBS IN THE SERVER. yet you have mobs lvl 45 dropping the same as mobs lvl 20. Even when you have someone pointing you the easiest thing you are so head strong that cant see it. Let me make it even more clear for you. They said that they checked and fixed the rates of all mobs (mobs lvl +40 enter that category), yet those lvl +40 are broken, but sure you think they make the same "mistake" 2 times by accident. Even when they already said they fix
  7. Love how all these users from the forum who are allways reclaiming for rates and such dont see something SO OBVIOUS LOL. Ncwest is doing the same as when the rates where broken at lvl 20, and you dont even realice it? LOL LOL AND LOL. They are doing exactly the same, taking one entire week to say "yes you where right, we will send a msj to the korea devs about it", then another entire week to say "indeed the rates are broken, we already talked with korea and they are working to fix it" and then another entire week for "we fixed the rates". And you act the same way each time juji or hime p
  8. Actually no, you dont. With a normal and trustworthy company it would be the normal course of action. With NCwest you cant never be sure. Maybe they will fix it for this week, maybe they will fix it in 2 or 3 weeks saying like last time "we are working on it" "we are making final test" to squeeze more money. So no, if you sum 1+1 you dont get the answer cause this is an unpredictable company where the concern about their community is at the end of their agenda
  9. If you include that free gk while you make the adjustments, does it means you wont be increasing the adena rates for this week maintenance?
  10. Free to play is meant to be as its read, FREE to play, not a trial. Go learn some basics first.
  11. Actually the item description is quite clear, that you dont know how to interpret isnt the ncwest problem. The item says those buffs (including the +30% exp) only last 20 minutes. Then the item descriptions continues saying the item will only be avaliable during the event, after which all the potions in your inventory/warehouse will be deleted. Want me to post you a screenshot of the item description too?
  12. never ocurred to you that maybe you had bad luck? its a bummer, sorry but it happens. A player i play with on discord the other day had to go farm some mobs for his transfer quest, the first mob he killed, and im not exagerating, dropped him the spellbook death whisper. He sold it at 2kk or 1.8kk, i dont remember well the exact number
  13. 4/6 hours to farm a spellbook? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA you are hilarious dude. they are rare drops, not impossible. lots of ppl selling them. save adena and buy them or go grind till you have a book drop and sell it.
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