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  1. They have somehow NAILED... almost to the dollar, what a ruby costs on the market if you were to trade NM Coin for adena... Which in and of itself would be fine, but for a game that advertises a "Player driven economy" NC Soft West controls the amount of items that come into the game, therefore controlling the prices so they can then have an event and charge inflated prices for items that used to cost 1/4 of what they do now when Jewels dropped in game from chests. If the gaming companies had the same rules as other companies, NC Soft West would be indicted for fraud and price fixing. Sh
  2. NC Soft WEST constantly raising prices for the digital items in game, taking items out of the game and not replacing and only releasing items through events has long past being unacceptable. Having an digital item that costs 0$ to manufacture and charging, in this case 360$ for a single Red Cat 5 is ludicrous. To simply "Buy" a singular item @Jujiand NC Soft West feels that $720 for a player to purchase ONE ITEM is an acceptable and fair cost. Another example is Forgotten skill books. Each Character requires at a MINIMUM to have 3 lvl 3o skills (Attack, Defense and Attribute). Each Skill
  3. You would be wrong.. half the country is still at work at 3pm. Go to a Euro Server, you signed up for NA Server.. play by NA times. There is a Euro server.. AND Server transfers... GLHF!
  4. +1 constant disconnects and unresponsive game with 4-5 seconds of massive lag spikes. same reports from other players in the PNW
  5. P.S. Whatever you did.. you **** up the servers.. massive DC's left and right and HUGE lag spikes constantly.. before it was just slow melee.. not its 5-7 seconds of do nothing and wait on the hamsters you have running your 1999 DX86 server farm.
  6. @Juji and @Hime Won't answer anything. They give exactly ZERO f8&Ks about the player base. If they did, or even had a TINY bit of business sense they would realize that EVeRYOne has 5+ toons and if they dropped prices.. we would gear 5 toons and they would make MORE money as more players would be able to afford items. Sadly, even a post that gets 2500+ reads with a player base that's not much larger than that they don't even comment on. Shitty company, shitty GM's, shitty customer service and a once magnificent game.. turned .. well.. shitty. 250$ items in the shop? L2 off
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