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  1. mostly people threating me either they will destroy my clan or make me quit the game thats kinda funny and kinda sad but dont worry, im a fighter, i like some pvp and newbie like me killed a lot more of theirs pk chars so lets have some fun. Ill stick with my opinion that = u go offline, room isnt ur anymore. Feel free to hunt me in game guys for not being afraid to protect myself
  2. p.atk and p.crit are converted to m.atk and m.crit so its hybrid. U need crits + passive proc to do some dmg. Well one nuke (600range and higher cd than real nuker spells) and 2 melee skills. This is warrior which deal half of its dmg as magic.
  3. yes ofc i want. Im tired of not being able to lvl up and farm adena on my main character on cruma 2 coz there are ALWAYS rooms filled with the same people. They pk when i find a spot, why shoudnt i pk them and enjoy exping for few hours they are not looking at computer? Active player always will win vs afk player, but bots who came back to spot are unbeatable.
  4. Bots are really problem, we can always pk players on autohunting but bots who always will came back from city to their marked spot are something we cant do much about
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