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  1. Stage 3 Craft - Siege - June 10th - Chronos

    ppl in chronos are calling you stupid and now i realise the reason
  2. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 16, 2018

    Each event i buy ~12000 ncoins and see what is the max i can get . so at this event i wont buy any ncoins cause with 12000 ncoins there is nothing i can make cause i already have lvl4 jewels 2 year now what ncsoft sould have done is make it easier craft 6slot brooch and make it expensive craft the new rare brooch so more ppl have access to end game staff and those who upgrade now to a 6slot brooch next event try for rare brooch . but as always their marketing is poor and cannot make long term plans
  3. Crazy PvP With New Nova!!!

    why all ppl continue say that evis is a broken class? if evis is that strong and broken why there is only truffle on the battlefield using one? nova have +24 fists and i dont see them use an evis on sm to kill enemies also its pathetic say about broken class when max - nova have stage 2 aoe weapons and peppinio is on mage with mp barrier that he is almost immortal. the fact is that truffle's toon is rly strong but it is also being played rly good when max nova stronger aoe dragon weapons are being played poorly
  4. Merge

    There cannot be multi side server cause always the sides that lose will cooperate . so sooner or later there gonna be 2 sides again just check last 1 year dimensional siege pvp there are always 2 sides even if there are 4 strong clans
  5. Shield or Sigil for ISS?

    shields work different they never add p.def to your toon . But when you see a block in your window chat all the shield p.def adds to your toon base def which is huge !!! but most of the classes that dont have proficiency at shield so they almost never get a block (thats the main reason why a tank even if it has the same p.def with a fighter get lot less dmg from mobs or in pvp) sigil is good but you sacrifice evation so everything has plus and con
  6. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    When FS had perma war with nova as you say they never show up in any siege they never come help defend ms castles all the time they spam we dont have ppl etc even if ms were giving them 1/3 of gainak and help them get castles. When MS gave FS war after some of their members were helping nova in pvp vs MS next day at dimensional FS had 3 parties to help nova at siege after this what you expect to leave you have rune or any castle???? go sign as defenders in aden doesnt rly matters just being a hypocrite is a bad thing About sunshine do you expect the clan that has close ties with nova that half nova have their boxes in sunshine (at least before forming netflix) the clan that mass reports MS (without success ofc) the clan that never helped ms , the clan that rushes to help nova to have a special treatment? when MS was weaker and festo needed help in dragons MS was his only support he had they help him enter many times and he never share any drop he was keeping all for himself greed is a bad thing if you see the facts when MS had ally with someone they gave them 1/2 gainak + 1/2 of dragon drops + help in oly heros even if their ally was contributing only 10% of the efford ms is giving equal share to all clan members from all the adena drops farmed etc month w/o caring about your equip lvl or class when nova was controling gainak they didnt even let all their clan members to farm it and when they enter dragons they were giving almost nothing to propve ica etc from the above 3 lines you can realise why ms pve clan is so active and why many ppl left their mid tier clan in order to join.
  7. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    all think that playing evis is so easy op bugged class etc then why nova that have +24 r99 fists dont use them on an evis and try kill easy all ms? this character will have 24/7 sm as you say wont die and ms dont have mp regen in aden to survive its hit but as always nova wanna cover their failure by using excuses
  8. Poor Spaouuuuuunakos or Poor princeouuuuuuakos?

    lol epic bonus video
  9. MS vs Chronos - Rown+Truffle ~

    I felt like watching Lord Of The Rings again epic video
  10. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    in this pic its clear that you die tag is under your body and btw how they can kill you 1 million times when u use celestial not to protect your party but to run and escape out of the throne room all thiese are clear in truffle's video not to mention the bsoe PR you do when cornered. If you wanna prove something different just post a video longer than 8m
  11. MS vs Chronos - Rown+Truffle ~

    skip video go to 1:07:20 vs all nova force on 3rd floor massacre
  12. Bring warriors back to PVP

    Thats why there is something called dual class that you use it in order to play the game no matter what ncsoft changes are
  13. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    How nova can claim victory when what they did during all siege was try to interrupt the caster with topaz and run hide die as we all know this tactic is the tactic small clans do trying to stop the inevitable sooner or later we will get lucky and we will get the castle this time crest was 80% next time it ll be done ps: my party didnt even die once in this siege and hope nova recruit more dragon weapons cause 5 arent enough , about numbers as we saw in cc posted nova had a minimum of 110 ppl fighting so this about zerg is bullsh1t
  14. Just a question

    You dont see the whole picture, MS tried to help and ally anyone that wanted to join them in their crusade against nova but (there is always a but) nova used they friends pets spies boxes they have in most of the pve clans in chronos and started creating problems . So MS doesnt fight just nova but a corrupted system that has roots 10+ years in ncwest servers . So MS has 2 options: 1st option is to try make the same as nova did put pressure, make underground deals, promise things that cannot deliver , feed the wrong chars in oly and try recruit enemy cps by promising adena items castles etc. 2nd option was to make clean deals like if you wanna be with nova , if you wanna have deals with nova , if you wanna exp together make raids make oly together in same ts so be it you are with them and you are surely against MS. zureil never tried to buy someone never promised extra % from drops everything is devided equally between their members. To Sum up MS doesnt try to be the new nova , MS doesnt try to farm an empty server what MS tries is to just enjoy the game by ofc pvp as much as possible. MS fought nova when they had 3 cps only vs 100+ so even if nova decide to recruit whole MAX whole chronos bring back ppl that have already quit better for us more enemies to pvp and even if someone decides to leave MS boat join nova, change server, quit so be it everyone is free to decide . ps: i am just a random ms member but i think what i say is the truth
  15. Class "Revamp" – Sigel Knight

    pve wise you are right