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  1. Class "Revamp" – Sigel Knight

    pve wise you are right
  2. Class "Revamp" – Sigel Knight

    i already wrote that cov pow soon wont be possible to buff, about hp i never wrote that hp arent important i just wrote what i think is the priority on building a tank dmg reduction pvp dmg reduction (dmg reduction works differently than pvp dmg reduction) element mdef pdef traits att/res hp
  3. Class "Revamp" – Sigel Knight

    when red libra is up you change your dual iss to wc so that your skills reset and you have cov , then you dont learn drum and with essence you change to hierophant so u can have pom + cov easy almost all top cp run with cov-pow atm (on next update probably cov pow wont be able to be casted with awaken buffs so probably would be the end of it) can be both traits depending on your setup and and major enemy damage dealers you are facing
  4. Class "Revamp" – Sigel Knight

    sorry for insisting about hp , but lets say that you play tank with 3sa dark bloody + rose + cov (if you have) w/o using anything else for hp especially AP this means that u have 110k-130k depending on race cov etc. this amount of hp is more than enough to survive (the setup i screenshot and send before on last siege gave me 140k hp with cov) so imo at pve = 12% def or light of protection (on pve you play mostly with raise shield and using it on reuse you have it up all of the time on you that means double p. def and almost zero critical hits) at pvp = 12% or mental etc trait ( you need observe if you play vs archer dagger or mage to choose wisely if use raise shield etc and use frenzy too) choosing what to use during pvp depends on what buffs you have and use if you play with knights better use trait if you play with wizard better 12% (reuse is really important for debuffs and defensive skills at this point of the game) its possible to play trait + wizard but need have endgame equip
  5. Class "Revamp" – Sigel Knight

    http://prntscr.com/iphcr2 http://prntscr.com/iphd13 these are my AP and my element resists fully buffed (i know its too much for most ppl but i am just showing so u can see the tanks potential )
  6. Class "Revamp" – Sigel Knight

    HP is the last concern you need have when you are trying to set a healer and a tank for pve and pvp (difference is pvp is that you need pvp reduction items thats all) there are other priorities. but anyway thats me and thats my play style some will disagree but its ok whoever wanna can pm me for full details of my set up ( dyes , AP , SA etc)
  7. Class "Revamp" – Sigel Knight

    if you go somewhere pvp or pve u need know what active support you have btw pve can be harder than pvp (harder concerning the dmg you get ) in elven village when i pull too many groups healer has hard time keeping me alive than in mass pvp about p2w my toon is pretty well geared but nothing special
  8. Class "Revamp" – Sigel Knight

    probably you havent play tank on last update so you dont have the full picture of the situation now . atm tank isnt healer dependand as it used to be (i am sk) , ofc and healing is important but now tanks need have hands and use properly their defensive skills. if you play correct your tank you are simply immortal on the battlefield you are the 1st that enters and the last that leaves pvp parties never had mp issues on their healers i dont remember since when (especially after the agathion introduction 2 months ago noone cares about mp) ps: sry for the double post
  9. Class "Revamp" – Sigel Knight

    1st priority in tank is dmg reduction 2nd is pvp dmg reduction 3nd is element 4rd is mdef 5th pdef ....... last of all is hp noone cares about your hp (reaching 150k that is the cap is quite easy especially if using cov) but even if you have 120k hp or 110k its not a problem cause average dmg you get in a pvp is rly low even if u fight against dragon weapons. on my tank i use hp only on my 3sa weapon + 1 dye and thats all (in AP i avoid to choose Hp too) the rest is pdef mdef boosts + mental attack land rate + reuse etc
  10. -10% [ISS BUFF] Protective Ditty -15% Talisman Abundace lv1 -5% sigil sa -10% augment -15% Jewel Obsidian lv5 -10% Cloack Ferios -20% Armor PvP -5% Passive Protection of Light (Clan) -9% coc belt -3% oly pot -5% tauti ring -20% rose barrier but still even with all this you get dmg you need combine pvp reduction 1st and after as 2nd priority m.def and p.def and also you have defensives from tank and celestial from healers when enemies are fully active btw if you play support you need have ~1k+ element resists (combined barrier scroll + evas tank aura + ap) this rly reduces the dmg
  11. PSA on Automated Macros and PvP

    So the clan that was the leader in cheating scripting that even had their own custom bot especially made for their core members the clan that 50% of its members were banned at least once for botting now cries about bots? lol imo after this statement i am now 100% sure that the game is bot free cause else nova and co would be the 1st that would use it
  12. Chronos Siege MS vs Nova

    How many ppl nova had can you send a screenshot from their cc ????? cause what i see is ppl talking about numbers outnumber etc and noone ever posts a screenshot of a cc
  13. The real story of valakas dagger

    where is the pvp?
  14. its not a pvp video its a funny video about pepinio if you were greek you would liked it
  15. does it worth to start l2??

    making adena is easy : i ll just put some easy ways to make adena w/o using ncshop 1. you make 3 chars 100 lvl (easy to make in 1 month) 2. you make oly and coc with these chars and at the end of the month you buy codex from the olympiad manager this way you can make 500m rly easy 3. you join a pve clan and you make with these 3 chars the 1 time quest at kelbim + 1 time quest at kaukerus base and you get total 6 codex mastery 1 which are sold 1.7b each so these way you make 10b. 4. you make balok octavis istina etc and sooner or later you ll get some runestones or bewr both cost 80m+ 5. till now you have what you need in order to start probably you have a +8 set and a decent weapon (not bloody yet). 6. after you can make dim warp quests with these 3 toons or mby 4 (this is the max) i finished all lvl 6 quests there in a week and i got total 3 dark eternal enchantment stones each toon = 12 total this is around 5b more in total i told u a way make 20b in 2.5 months with minimum gameplay per day. A healer an iss and a tank with this equip are good enough to join any pve clan and get accepted in any instance party. Also spending 100-200 dollars in total every 4 months isnt a big deal and this way you can boost your toon even more. Stop cry and play the game