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  1. S80 Armors/Weapons PVP removal option

    Where can we get Vesper (Noble) armor nowadays? Thanks
  2. yeah same to me (doing exalted lvl 3 missing only oly/coc part and cant finish it till next update), but they absolutely dont care about players. Most funny part is that now u will need even higher lvl for each exalted quest so not only u wasted time doing all those exalted subquest but u must get some lvls up now. Thanks NCguys, u did great job again.
  3. I know for some ppl would be still low but u could allow at least 4 clients.
  4. random client disconnect

    y is hard to do anything in game with those dc, not talking about finishing event dungeon... what about extend Golden compass event for one more week?
  5. Server Down

    servers down again, cg to great job guys
  6. Classic Server Update: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

    Why u started maintenance 1 hour earlier??? You could at least announced it in game or do it as usuall - 30 min, 15 min, 5 min!!! I was checking it 30 min before u did it and there was no info about that earlier maintenance!!! I could only see some 20 min info later when maintenance already started and I was disconnected. I was trying to buy some event coins to exchange it for fishing rods / shots so I wanted to do it in last 10-15 minutes!!! Really thanks so much u always surprise how are u able to fail in everything. If u dont know when is 1400 GMT+2 than use google!!! Now is only 13:46 GMT+2 and servers already down for long time!!!
  7. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 1, 2019

    have patience, everything will come just in right time
  8. Winner of the smartest guy in ncsoft for this month?
  9. Giran - crashing today?

    DC fest continues, thank u NCSoft for doing nothing but taking money. (Giran server)

    making buffpet is good idea. There is no need to use heal pots after and with some buffs (from PP or SE) u kill cheaper too. And as u said some mobs drop keys for crafting items (not every item worth to craft) and u can see in towns which keys are needed atm and check l2wiki to see if mobs around your lvl drop it.
  11. Lets talk about Game Economy, price mats

    And? With your army of acc/toons? Not everyone here is octopus like u. Can u believe that some of us has only one PC and maybe even one account?
  12. Who cares? More ppl in queue = better sells of VIP status = more $$ for one company. Who plays Live servers knows them very well
  13. How about second server for Europe

    There are now 2 overcrowded servers Talking Island (GMT-5) and Giran (GMT+1). What about to do new server with same timezone like has Chronos now (GMT-2). Its somehow in the middle of those 2 servers.
  14. Solution: 'Client will be closed'

    Yeah I know there are too much topics about queue, but I'm just curious what is your longest queue or maybe even time. Well guys, share your experience. As you can see this one is from Giran server and cant tell loging time cause this one still running since morning (estimated time 5h)