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  1. Dragon's Breath not in pack?

    15k ncoin and still only 15 Dragons Breath? I dont think its big difference with current sale event. If the chance for that Breath is around 5% you need now maybe 25k+ ncoin for 20 Breath? Both are quite expensive.
  2. Tyrr Dreadnought PVP

    While everyone knows that FS gentlemen never kill afk ppl. btw: I heard that FS accepting wars from pvp clans like BoB or Mapogos, lf confirm?
  3. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 15, 2020

    Idk if it was answered or no but several months ago rewards for clan missions were cut to half. Is this permanent? Cause with current setting is almost impossible to lvl clans.
  4. a tip about prestige pack

    Tbh, I remember that we have similar conversation here last autumn when we got those 30 days bloody runes as a reward for PP subscribers. There was a talk about improving PP cause seriously now most of items there are trash (only good there is Evas and Prestige rune). And I was really hoping that ncsoft include in PP those bloody runes but months passed and nothing happened. Seems like ncsoft still ignore ppl buying only PP and from time to time some ncoins during p2w events. They do care about those few whales left so they get their Greater Ruby/Epic talisman etc like this event. But with current "leaving wave" maybe ncsoft should reconsider their business model.
  5. How can I upgrade Dragon shirt?

    easy solution would be to put those stones to Dimensional merchant same way like we trade there circlet stones.
  6. Giran luxury shop

    true, last time I was really disappointed when I wanted to make my Majestic set appearence and found there only armor and helmet, not gloves and boots. Before we were able to buy there sealed boots and gloves which we could unseal at any blacksmith for robe/heavy/light parts. Now even blacksmiths dont have option to unseal items anymore...

    new contest? who log first - get castle?
  8. Make Dragon zone a PVP zone

    allow multiple cc enter dragons, highest damage cc win all
  9. Upcoming PK System Changes - Discussion

    You could let PK system how it was in last months but make PVE/PVP farm zones, so ppl can choose at each level where they want macro xp, but reward PVP zones with better xp (+50% for example). btw: I have no problem with PK drop system but as many ppl here said - are you really sure you fixed that exploit?
  10. Issue with mana regen in party

    Thats how its working now. If u have someone in party who has 6 or more lvl difference than mana regeneration going to hell. Problem is that u need to completely rebuild party cause only kicking that char doesnt help.
  11. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 3, 2020

    Juji is manually deleting all PK points one by one...
  12. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 27, 2020

    Clan Rep. appears lower on several clan missions. Thank you for doing nothing with this...
  13. 16th Anniversary Boxes

    Now I tried last 140 anniversary boxes and got 4 Zodiac cube fragment and rest was only those funny adena and coins. They have absolutely no shame to change drop rate during event without telling anything. Why Im not surprised.
  14. Question is if we can take last dices tomorrow after daily reset like it is in most cases (because events usually end with maintenance not with new day) or not.
  15. War System

    I agree to most but not this. Killing in siege zone during castle siege cant be count for starting war unless there is some WORKING mechanics to easy stop war.