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  1. Guys do u get only lags or even dc?
  2. there is an honest solution to this problem https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seppuku
  3. Another Juji? Even one is more than this game can handle.
  4. You are telling us that you will give us compensation after all this problems with servers are solved but if Im correct these server problems (smaller or bigger) are here for months or years. But we have now XP event, some people bought Prestige and Destiny packs just for this XP event so how you will compensate this? These packs expire soon. If you give us some compensation after month (yeah VERY optimistic version of fixing all this mess) or so and you give us some consumables or whatever than there is nothing good for us if we lose XP event, Prestige, Destiny and other time restricted items
  5. About those compensations. They should start with extending xp event by one week (cause first week of event was absolutely terrible and now is only little better) and after that we can talk about some other stuff like some buffs, pots etc.
  6. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/21206-chronos-down-again/?do=findComment&comment=143778
  7. Chronos is down for around 1 hour and I really doubt it was announced.
  8. Nah, its not working. I have similar issues like ppl in General forum topics i can't log on chronos! . First time it didnt let me ingame, after I got to choose server screen nothing happen after clickin OK button. After reload and second try I got there after a long time clicking. Than got to character screen, again milion times clicking to OK button to something happen - loading screen and there it became frozen forever...
  9. Anything will happen or what??? There are ppl here who cant get to game, not because of some queue. After u click OK button to choose server nothing happen, no new screen with chars, no queue. Heeeeeeeeey we pay for this!!!
  10. When we get some bloody stones? They are missing for many months and again they are not in this new event. Nowadays there are very low chances how to make armors blessed, so consumption of bloody stones is even higher.
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